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TSA Trailer Pack v 1.0

Rating: 4/5, based on 7 votes
uploaded 2017-09-02 19:56:31, by mods82

Habe den mod auf Australian 3d Truck Models im Facebook gefunden ist für ETS2 1.28… und Fans von Australischen Road Trains Viel Spass damit. Blackdragon3365

Link 1 trailer
Link 2 LED

Australian 3d Truck Models


TSA Trailer Pack v 1.0, 1 photoTSA Trailer Pack v 1.0, 2 photoTSA Trailer Pack v 1.0, 3 photo

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uploaded by mods82
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Comments (9)

2017-09-03 02:36:34 Jayden (Guest)
Could this please be removed. The author has asked for this not to be uploaded and if it was uploaded he will not release in future. Please don't ruin it for everyone else
2017-09-04 03:24:48 steve (Guest)
jayden, what makes you think that australian 3d truck models would ever release this or any other mod they create..ive looked on there facebook page and saw that one bloke wrote on a specific page on there asking when would specific type of truck would be released ...and of course just like every other selfish prick who creates mods and boasts about it on there facebook page didnt reply (unless he pm him) and the comment was asked 3 months they deserved to get the shit stolen and uploaded..all these whinges i seen write in did nothing but had a fucking cry about a harmless mod...the creator said it him self its a hobby...if he doesnt want ppl stealing them or uploading them..whatever then he SHOULD NOT have put the link on his facebook. simple..coz weather it be this guy who uploaded it on here or sumone the hell are they gonna police it anyway..if they do it for a hobby then why have a stab at the bloke on here who uploaded when half the mods they done have NOT been released trucks and trailer mods...
2017-09-04 09:03:16 oz_trucker84 (Guest)
your a piece of shit. You can download it from his page. why upload it here. scum cunts. ruining an awesome modder from releasing stuff again. how is he a selfish prick? he is releasing stuff. just asked for it to be from his page only. as per usual scum like you will wreck it for everyone.
2017-09-04 09:09:07 Aus3d (Guest)
You're a cocksucker Steve. Can my mod be taken down . I want it from my page so people can contact me cause credits get lost on these sites before you know it its everywhere and people are claiming it as their own
2017-09-04 09:35:28 steve (Guest)
why dont you both stick ur fucked up mods up each others asses...all i was simply saying aus3d you fucktard is THIS IS WHAT FUCKIN HAPPENS WHEN PPL GET ON YOUR FACEBOOK AND TAKE IT OFF UR PAGE AND UPLOAD THEM URSELF YOU FUCKHEAD...I DID NOT UPLOAD THIS BOY
2017-09-04 09:53:19 steve (Guest)
aus3d you make great stuff right, im not a thief i dont make mods nor upload them..secondly i dont know how to do both..i go thru the right channels to get my mods..meaning if i cant buy them i will ask the creator..simple as that...u may do this as a hobby aus3d but stop whinging about other ppl taking it off ur website and if you dont stop whinging..why dont you turn a negative thing into a positive thing and start charging ppl a fee that way your hard work doesnt go rta..but let me tell you this and you mark my will get a lot more respect and alot more money compared to RTA if u start charging ppl for ur great work coz as far as i can see the detail you put in is unsurpassed (hats off). moneys more cant buy a new computer if it shits itself with all your mods on it with people giving u credits for ur mods can they...all i want to know is why is the CREDITS mean more to you then anything else?
2018-02-25 01:28:38 Dakes77 (Guest)
Gday Aus3d, Is there any way of contacting you to discuss these mods? I am only newish to ATS and ETS but am absolutely blown away by your trailers! I'm a truck driver from Australia and drive these sorts of combinations. I would love to pay you for a download! I have been looking for your Facebook page and searching everywhere and have had 0 luck. Please let me know if we can work something out so i can have the opportunity to use these amazing mods. Thank you.
2018-08-03 18:51:29 Who Cares (Guest)
Great, I upload it somewhere else
2019-05-19 19:20:53 daniel (Guest)
can you make this for 1.34 ore 1.35 for ets2

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