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Hyundai Trago HD360

Rating: 3/5, based on 1 vote
uploaded 2019-08-15 12:57:52, by hyyhhhy

Quan Duong

Download the link above and extract the two files: base hd.scs and huynhdai hd.scs
+ Copy these 2 files to the path: X:/Documents/Euro Truck Simulator 2/mod
+ Vehicles can play all versions from 1.24 to 1.34 and 1.35 have not yet tested
+ Buy a car at a VOLVO store
+ can customize the axle 4x2 6x2 6x4 ..... 10x4

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uploaded by hyyhhhy
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Comments (9)

2019-08-16 07:40:32 ich (Guest)
fake. bei ets2 1.35 wird er nicht richtig dargestellt, und wenn ich irgendwas an dem truck ändern will stürzt das spiel ab. schade, sah sehr interessant aus, aber leider nicht spielbar.
2019-08-16 13:45:45 HMS tog 2 (Guest)
It looks so shit
2019-08-16 18:46:58 Dev Nguyen (Guest)
Tệ quá bạn ơi fix xe giùm đi
2019-08-17 10:26:06 hyyhhhy
ich (Guest) 1,35 Ich habe es noch nicht getestet, aber 1,34 Ich habe getestet und erfolgreich
2019-08-17 10:27:07 hyyhhhy
Dev Nguyen (Guest) mod này do bùi tuấn anh làm
2019-08-17 10:28:10 hyyhhhy
Dev Nguyen (Guest) nếu bạn giàu cứ bỏ tiền ra mua xe đó với giá 500.000 đồng
2019-08-17 10:33:19 hyyhhhy
HMS tog 2 (Guest) you can spend $ 23 to buy a mod like this
2019-08-17 15:54:01 Trần Đinh Quốc An (Guest)
Xe nhìn như cặc vậy cũng đem đi bán 500k May có người khác share nhưng cũng đéo thèm Tao tự vẽ còn đẹp hơn
2019-08-18 17:24:11 hyundaivngaming (Guest)
xe trong xau vl.… cho free cung ko them tai nua. xau qua

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