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Mack Anthem fix v1.2 ETS2 1.35

Rating: 3/5, based on 4 votes
uploaded 2019-07-02 22:19:21, by mods82

Changes v1.2
Updated all models and animations to the latest format version,
Updated wipers setting,
Fixed black textures bug,
Fixed fuel tank sizes to match chassis variant descriptions,
Integrated Kriechbaum's Mack MP engine sounds,
Integrated Piva's dashboard computer.

Added horn and lamps on the roof.
Added sound to the "N" key.

What has been done for Europe:
Fixed, missing files added, sounds added, truck added to traffic, dealer fixed, cables and bonnet
- Clean in the log.

Link 3 Template

Model: Franck Peru
Upgrade and Repair: Harven
yekko yek
Sound: Kriechbaum
Upgrade for ETS2: losevo58
Dealer, cables and hood mirrors: Serega22ru


Mack Anthem fix v1.2 ETS2 1.35, 1 photoMack Anthem fix v1.2 ETS2 1.35, 2 photoMack Anthem fix v1.2 ETS2 1.35, 3 photoMack Anthem fix v1.2 ETS2 1.35, 4 photo

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uploaded by mods82
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Comments (3)

2019-07-03 03:58:52 jojo90
The truck works but the mods are in conflict with mods of accessoir workshop
2019-07-03 08:02:35 SlavikSD
@ioio90, Mods82=losevo58=mods_ats = armless moron))
2019-07-03 12:46:22 jojo90
SlabikSD ??

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