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Scania R 2012 1.35 - 1.36

Rating: 3/5, based on 20 votes
uploaded 2019-11-24 18:23:15, by mods82


* animated Stuff (Antenna, Mudflaps)
* 4x2, 6x2, 6x4, 6x4 with custom Schwarzmüller BDF
* Fueltanks for all Variants (Euro 5 and Euro 6)
* Headlights in HQ (H7, Streamline (Xenon), H4) also in Yellow Color
* Sideskirts for all Chassis Types
* Custom Backbumpers
* Custom R 500 Sneepels Parts (Frontbumper, Sideskirts, Backbumper, Chassis Cover, Airbar)
* full Interior Customization (Dashboard Panels, Backwall, Sidewall, Top)
* 2 Custom Interiors from

(TVX from Belgium and Gary Harries from UK)



Scania R 2012 1.35 - 1.36, 1 photo

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uploaded by mods82
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Comments (14)

2019-11-25 03:57:29 Arrest a thief called Mods82! (Guest)
I hate Mods82, which reprints and plagiarizes without permission, but I don't like paid mods that are not worth the price. I think it makes more sense to donate to RJL, XBS, and VAD & K, who distribute far better works for free.
2019-11-25 18:37:02 LolL (Guest)
YAY finally, f u ck you FRED I'm not that stupid to spend 25€ I just want it for free LOL
2019-11-25 19:37:39 asdf (Guest)
Yes and now you idiots have an unfinished Truck with Bugs and fred stopped.
2019-11-25 20:18:04 FAT FROG (Guest)
@adsf Don't worry we do know how to fix any anything.
2019-11-25 21:25:32 asdf (Guest)
Yeah of cause because you are disrespectful Idiots
2019-11-26 09:54:13 112 (Guest)
A word for you, Unable
2019-11-27 04:45:04 duck76 (Guest)
Thank you mods 82 don't listen to all the winging money-hungry dick heads keep uploading them mods that they charge the earth for and again thank you
2019-11-27 17:28:01 asdf (Guest)
Probably your PC is shit. I dont have any lags on 4k.
2019-11-27 21:56:51 Uninstalling.... (Guest)
@asdf your beautiful mom bought you that super PC?? You sound like a10 years old fat boy.
2019-11-27 23:34:37 Jay (Guest)
2019-11-28 01:20:34 FreD_ (Guest)
GJ Guys, now this mod will get no more Updates. Congratulations to you. But in the Comments i see how old you are. :)
2019-12-01 00:39:50 I'm addicted to FREE stuff =D (Guest)
fred sees me rolling , he hating! LOL
2019-12-09 19:11:41 POTATO HEAD (Guest)
What kind of shit is this? And retarded people bought for 25€ LOL , I really regret downloading this shit. Anyway it's always good to see paid shitty mods here.
2020-01-04 19:53:21 zombiekiller (Guest)
i have downloaded the mod after i choosed to put the 12+2 gearshift and when i drived the truck it had only 12 gears

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