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Condor Amazone v 1.11 DirectSeed

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uploaded 2015-01-15 18:47:36, by John Der33

Universal Primera DMC for sowing in processed and unprocessed soils will be presented a direct seed for specific use in the stubble. The Amazon Condor 15m tillage and SeedMaster ready (seed2)


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uploaded by John Der33
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Comments (3)

2015-01-15 22:37:16 stels (Guest)
Well this is really for lazy people ))
2015-01-23 01:08:19 fsi (Guest)
well it could be a pain in the ass if you're playing westbridge hills... cultivating and seeding dem big fields...
2016-03-31 23:49:20 puddles77
i agree .i join the field with the barn at the main farm with that really big one on the other side of the trees at the main farm and the main farm field so a big seeder with direct seending isn't laszy it's productive.i know a couple farms that use seeders like this to sow a few thousand acers

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