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Maschio Attila Hydro 300/7

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uploaded 2016-09-25 13:20:00, by Guest

Maschio Attila Hydro 300/7 is an italian subsoiler, it has got 7 anchors with 3 meters work area. There are two versions, one that plows and one that cultivate.

Model: LSK Modding
Texture: LSK Modding
Script: Xentro, Wopster, Jackaroo & BlackJack (bm-modding)
Idea / Concept: LSK Modding
Testing: *TurboStar*
Other: *TurboStar*, Agrifutura


Maschio Attila Hydro 300/7, 1 photoMaschio Attila Hydro 300/7, 2 photoMaschio Attila Hydro 300/7, 3 photoMaschio Attila Hydro 300/7, 4 photo

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uploaded by Guest
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