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Manual Ignition Mod v4.0

Category:  Farming Simulator 2015
Uploaded by:  uploaded by Guest
Date:  2014-11-09 10:16:00
Downloads:  54912 downloads
Size:  File Size: 39.75 KB
Video Reviews:  2 video reviews
Comments:  34 comments
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4/5, 235 votes

Here is  Manual Ignition mod for FS 2015.
Mod version: v 4.0.

Main Features:
- Adds manual ignition to all motor vehicles.
- Pre heating of the enginge before it could be started.
- HUD dissapears after about 5seconds later.
- Automatic installation to all motorized vehicles
- Could conflict with other manual ignition scripts

Script: Xentro
Graphic: Katsuo / Xentro
conversion to fs 2015 Wis_Tex


Manual Ignition Mod v4.0, 1 photoManual Ignition Mod v4.0, 2 photo

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Comments (34)

2014-11-09 14:10:00 as0119 (Guest)
Unfortunately wood chipper does not work with this mod.
2014-11-09 14:55:07 porse (Guest)
C:/Users/ole/Documents/My Games/FarmingSimulator2015/mods//manual_ignition_fs_2015/manualIgnition.lua:404: attempt to compare nil with number
2014-11-09 16:08:11 Admin
Added a few videos
2014-11-10 09:02:27 Knagar (Guest)
Can't hire drivers with this mod active, can't use the wood chipper with it active... This mod was supposed to help with a lot of it and either you mullard it or Giants did something stupid to the game. Either way I guess we're left waiting for another.
2014-11-10 12:53:02 Bronco (Guest)
Will be nice when corrected ;) too buggy to be used at the time
2014-11-13 20:42:27 Wobble (Guest)
Mod broken :S Nothiong else works.. the manual ignition works tho... please fix the code and it will be epic!!
2014-11-16 16:37:01 Your Name (Guest)
il a lair super bien ce mod je le telecharge :)
2014-11-17 13:53:51 (Guest)
Its nice to have a mods that work from this site so far every mod has worked perfect! Thanks for all the hard work!
2014-11-24 17:23:02 Your Name (Guest)
Can't use any machiens :/
2014-12-19 06:25:00 Your Name (Guest)
can't hire out. Junk mod
2015-02-26 01:53:04 jboi (Guest)
with this mod it wont open the attatchment like seeder and stuf like that :(
2015-03-06 09:37:26 Sergiu (Guest)
2015-04-23 02:02:56 Your Name (Guest)
what game do I buy that comes with manual ignition
2015-04-27 22:49:51 danilo (Guest)
2015-06-09 17:40:46 Isaiah (Guest)
You can't hire combines, combines don't even work with the mod. You can not harvest.
2015-06-14 01:32:42 Your Name (Guest)
wood chipper does not work with this mod
2015-08-02 22:29:09 gujst (Guest)
2015-08-10 09:46:09 FarmerMark
This mod works perfect, with everything.
2015-08-10 15:07:38 Your Name (Guest)
Only driving, starting and attaching works.
2015-08-10 15:09:40 Your Name (Guest)
So much for farming can't even unfold the planter.
2015-08-13 06:54:45 Farmer580
Crap mod, way to many errors and bugs - was this even tested? i think not. Does not work with anything, can't start anything!!!
2015-08-13 14:28:12 Your Name (Guest)
een waardelose MOD kun je niks mee doen
2015-08-16 02:48:52 Anderson Rezende (Guest)
This is a great mod, but some vehicles (I believe that converted the FS13) cause bug when shutting down and out, would have something I could change these mods to not get stuck in them to shut down? Thank you!
2015-08-22 11:00:16 Slugec97 (Guest)
In new update could be that when the tractor is running and the lights are on they could give the light not only be like now that they are just like shining and you cant help with that if you are working late night Pls bye
2015-09-05 19:27:16 Lordy (Guest)
I suggest you people to download drive control mod, its same and even more functions while stabile and well done.
2015-09-26 18:54:04 jaynj908
You should always include instructions with scripts
2015-10-06 05:47:23 Anonymous14 (Guest)
None of the attachments can be opened with this mod active, pressing X with any attachment does not open while the mod is active. My advice is to DO NOT use this mod, it stop attachments from being opened on FS15.
2016-01-13 20:10:54 stefanos (Guest)
2016-01-16 19:56:00 Farmer Boy (Guest)
Can't turn my combine on. Oh, wait I forgot that I could not open my planter to plant grass for my cows, and while I was mowing elsewhere the worker wouldn't hire.
2016-01-24 17:10:00 SavageMkII
You need to get Manual Ignition by Vertex Dezign. Works great. You can leave machines running with the PTO on when you get out. I had a vehicle get stuck on the preheating stage once, but I think it was because of a conflicting key binding. Saved and quit the game, went back in and it was fine.
2016-09-05 06:44:04 frank farmer (Guest)
2016-11-07 00:11:40 Lenaim (Guest)
J'espère une prochaine sortie pour le fs17 ? Si oui y a t'il une date de prévu car j'adore se moi merci à celui qui la créer
2017-04-13 18:57:39 KEVIN (Guest)
2018-09-12 21:08:49 guest (Guest)
it sucks with farming

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