Welger AP730WC Baler and Trailer

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8 years ago
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Game FS 15
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hulk farmer (Guest)
6 years ago
non mi funziona la mod come mai??
someonewhocares (Guest)
7 years ago
Great little mod, works great and makes making bales easy. Only downside, you should reduce speed when collecting, down to max 30 km/h. Besides that, Great job!
CC (Guest)
8 years ago
Thank You Venom85, I now have the mod working and it is great to use! You were right about the 2 zips inside the main zip folder, ( the reason I did not know to un-zip the two zips in the main folder zip was it did not say to? ) ( Normally if a zip folder mod needs to be un-zipped it says "unzipme" on it? this does not ) You do need to unzip the main folder that you 1st have downloaded, Then in there is the two smaller zips for the bale machine and it's seprate bale trailer! Once the two smaller zips are also then un-zipped themselfs, You need just to copy them all to the: My Games folder / farming sim 15 mod folder and start the game, with the v1.3. patch installed 1st of course? I found it odd to use at 1st, But you get used to the way it moves etc. Just having the baler and a trailer attached to it, means you got to watch how you turn around bit like a short snake lol. And as for reversing them on the tractor, The trailer for them will pack them neatly as you do them. And on the ingame control menu for the actions of the trailer I find you must press "X" for it to lock the bailes as the other reviewer said. then drive off to the sell point? Forget it. Two seprate linkages attached to your tractor don' work for reverse! you just have to do like I do, drive around until when you need the trailer like at a storage area etc. then choose the side the trailer unloads from? Just remember to press the bales unlocking mode > "X" The bales are about half the size of the normal bales But still sell well, about half the cost of each normal sized one? You can even choose to un-load the bales at the left or right or back of that trailer, handy that? Cheers.
Venom85 author
8 years ago
The main zip has 2 zips in it, like any other mod pack you must UNZIP them. You also MUST be running v1.3. of the game. It works perfect for me and others.
Your NameCC (Guest)
8 years ago
Well, I really liked the look of this mod, As I needed a better way to bale & collect them? But even though I copied the mod into my mods folder in the game folder as normally done with them. It not only does not work it also does not even show up in the mods area of the in game shop? I see there was two zips inside the main zip folder of this download mod, So to be safe I copied them as well into the mods game folder in case they needed to be done like it? Nope still no mod shown in game. A real shame as it would have saved some time and trouble doing it the normal way? ( normal way would be do them square bales with one tractor and then collect them 16 at a time with the autostaker using another tractor after the 1st tractor was out the way? )
8 years ago
Disregard my comment, I didn' notice there is a locking script on it.
8 years ago
Cool mod. Bad thing is the bales are very small and they don' stay in the trailer. You make a slow turn and they fly right out.
noris1225 (Guest)
8 years ago
prasa dziala na patchu 1.3

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