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Brazilian Map BETA

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uploaded 2015-05-17 00:30:00, by Guest

This is a map based in various regions of Brazil. As in the US, Canada and Australia, Brazil has several types of terrain, reliefs and own styles of each region within a single country. So the map has several types of fields to be cultivated including Forests seeking to please everyone.

For the best experience in the game, visit (In Portuguese) or (in English) and download new mods for your map. Customize your game and have fun.

The map is in beta testing, so if you find any errors, leave your comment on our website, our Facebook page or on our YouTube channel.

Future Tasks to be performed on the Map:
Replace the wooden fences with barbed wire fences;

Place a River
Increase Forests
new Cultures
new animals
Unzip the file and place in the mods folder

For more informations and future versions

Willyan – FarmingBr

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uploaded by Guest
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