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Canadian Prairies Map 9.1 SoilMod

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uploaded 2016-05-13 16:00:43, by renebqc

Canadian Prairies V9.1 Soilmod

This map was created using version 6.1 map and updated to version 9.1. With soilmod running log file read 1 error and one warning which I don't know how to correct, Mod added: milkmax, beetpulp, washed potato, steamed potato, egglaying, new silos, sawmills. All but sawmills have sale trigger set to sale pallets right away. many hours of testing and everything looked pretty good.

Problems for version 7 and 8 were created by having two canadian prairies maps in the mods folder during the building process.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

Any previous of ZZZ_multiFruitModule_StandardCPX should be removed from your mod folder and ZZZ_multiFruitModule_StandardCP9 inserted.

Correction: sawmills not working. corrected ans tested for a while and working good now. overwrite version 9 map file and load saved game and sawmills will start.

This map requires FS15 update 1.4.2 to load. Map size 4096 x 4096 using map: map_16x_by_Sarah_M. 

renebqc, Thanks to all modders for their scripts , mods and items used on this map. 

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uploaded by renebqc
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Comments (15)

2016-05-14 00:52:45 terry (Guest)
could you please add a trailer that will hold grapes
2016-05-14 03:25:21 renebqc
did you copy all files to your mod folder, looks like your missing this one: ZZZ_multiFruitModule_StandardCP9, I use NLD_farmers_MAN_10x8 at the moment and it worked for all fruits.
2016-05-14 12:11:21 Anjinsan (Guest)
Hi, BGA Master does not work well. You can not discharge grass to make silage. Thanks for your time. Anjinsan
2016-05-14 13:38:22 Wervos (Guest)
How fill the greenhouse water, slurry, and fuel tank?
2016-05-14 15:31:53 renebqc
I use the Cowsilo next to sheep and milkmax tanks to make silage, max 300k fill with chaff. grass_windrow or dryGrass_windrow, Chaff can be created from corn of field 2 using krone X1100 and 1053, BGA master is a sale points only. Or place a mod of your choice using one of the empty lot. Note: do not use the x1100 from shop it will not work, you need a mod, I use the 300k version it match the cowsilo capacity. To go faster use "Kemper_cutter2020_v2" bar.
2016-05-14 15:32:53 renebqc
to fill any tanks on the map you need Kotte_Universal_Pack
2016-05-14 19:29:59 Anjinsan (Guest)
I cut the corn with the krone X1100 and when step with the truck in BGA master the silo does not appear the discharge symbol and can not download the chaff. excuse my english hope you understand the problem. Thank you
2016-05-14 19:54:17 renebqc
with chaff you have 2 options: you want silage you put it in the cowsilo next to the sheep fence, ---to use it you put chaff , grass windrow or drygrass windrow in it, you use the same truck to compact it (drive on top of the heap) untill it reaches 100%, then "cover" will appear in the menu F1, you cover it (white blanket covers it). you wait untill the cover is removed, then it's ready. or you can sale it to BGA master in the pit there, I tested it again with chaff and it buys the chaff, All accessories at BGA master any not functional except for the unloadpit.*** or (BGA master silo are not working-- just to look good)***
2016-05-14 20:05:13 renebqc
I'm creating a modPack with all vehicules required for the map, most of them had engines and capacity adjusted to suit the map size, cutting bars bugs were corrected so they work properly with the combine. later today
2016-05-14 23:11:01 Wervos (Guest)
Many thanks the help and the mod!! Awesome! :)
2016-05-15 00:48:34 Sailor (Guest)
You are thinking of putting all the BGA master working ???? 4 fermentation silos are lacking to make silage corn stubble. once again sorry so many questions and I appreciate the attention. Good work and if possible a version with all the work. Thank you
2016-05-15 19:32:05 renebqc
started one with BGA working,
2016-05-23 21:46:48 michael (Guest)
bonjour impossible d'ouvrir la Map elle est en téléchargement indéfiniment pourquoi ? pourtant j'ai tout les mods requis merci pour votre réponse
2016-12-06 01:11:25 Walker (Guest)
I have the update on Fs15 but this map is still saying loading after 30 min. Any ideas would help
2017-03-12 20:16:52 Stephane (Guest)
What a great map, but you did a very big call it canadian prairies but you put the canadian flag on the USA map against the canadian map ??????

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