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Canadian Prairies Map Ultimate 2

Rating: 5/5, based on 3 votes
uploaded 2016-03-26 20:07:51, by renebqc

Canadian Prairies Ultimate 2

This is the second edition of canadian prairies ultimate. I corrected all fields problems, including readjusting each field dimention settings, reworked all fields unplowed, moved away trees too close to fields, shorten fields with little room at the end, tested fields and all is OK. Also removed seed2, replaced luzerne with cotton, removed grape heap, Grape unload to main silo now. Beetpulp assembly moved to new location. and many other little things. thank you for your support and happy farming!

- Unpack zip file and copy to your mods folder.

Thanks to all who created items used on this map and those are writing comments, that helps me make a better map for you.

Please if you modify this map i3D file in any way, do not upload the map anywhere, thank you.


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uploaded by renebqc
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Comments (8)

2016-03-27 01:20:27 Kling (Guest)
I love this map. I have a dedicated server so friends can play, however, this map wont load on the server. comes up red. to many errors I think. Any chance you could look at it to get it to work on multiplayer? Awesome Job!
2016-03-27 02:51:25 renebqc
i'll be right on it.
2016-03-27 05:19:01 bluetops (Guest)
love the idea of this map, but i cant get it in the game. I have 5 maps, is that the reason? I have tired a few different ways. I unzip the download file, and move that into the mods and that didnt work. So when than i tried unziping the files inside the folder, and than it says the file name is to long. Any ideas? I checked my log file, it sees it, but it is giving me errors. Could it be getting messed up from my other mods? I updated both fs15 and the gold addition, still have issues. Thanks guys!!
2016-03-27 05:26:20 bluetops (Guest)
got it to wrk. sorry!
2016-03-27 08:54:05 renebqc
I just finish correcting all errors in the log for those who wish to play multiplayer, I have to give the map a run test first so today I will issue version 2.1 but I will not rename the file so you should be able to just overwrite the existing one and not loose your progress in your game.
2016-03-27 18:35:22 Your Name (Guest)
nice map.... but cant find where to fill sowing machines....
2016-04-09 11:30:51 daniel (Guest)
Hello where sell you one the milk and the eggs? I do not find in the card(map)!
2016-10-14 20:16:34 Ron (Guest)
field 23 lower left corner has field border problem. I bought the field but in that corner it say I do not own it. I move further up the field and it is fine. Also experiencing a lot of lag on the map. I have cross blade Ranger MB, 12 core processor, 16 gigs of ram, and Radeon r 380 graphics.

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