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Canadian Prairies Map Ultimate v 2.2

Rating: 5/5, based on 2 votes
uploaded 2016-04-16 02:14:43, by renebqc

Canadian Prairies Map Ultimate 2.2

- Corrected errors reported and a few more.
- include pictures to explain vehicule required and places to load and unload products and animals.
- Tested map and found without problems.

Thanks you.


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uploaded by renebqc
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Comments (2)

2017-09-13 17:26:01 Astrofarmer (Guest)
Hi All, I like to say I was amazed by this map so much starting machines and what huge fields! I played other canadian maps and they have big fields But this one makes them look small. One thing the map maker needs to know is, I brought fields 14 & 15 as part of my 1st load of fields. And above field 14 there is field 10, as I was seeding field 14 I got a warning flash up on the screen saying I don't own field 10 ( yes I know I don't? ) But the boundary between field 10 & 14 must be off set into field 14? Means I can't seed the top 1/4 of field 14 now? I have not yet seeded field 15 so I don't know if that also has this problem? Since it sits also below the unbrought field 10. I thought I just tell the maker about this problem?
2017-09-28 00:15:29 Astrofarmer (Guest)
Hi Again, I found another fault in this map? I was trying to do the Young Pig and although I got all the foods and water etc. sorted no problems I found that when I had a pig fatterned up and wished to sell him, I came across a ver big fault indeed! 1st off I had to work out how and where to put the animal trailer that was to take out the pig from the pig shed? Although this shed was like others I seen and used in other maps, in this one the normal animal pick up loading door was there on the other side of the shed to the pig outside pen area, But the normal opening loading door did not open as you drive upto it? Nor can you open it with the normal "O" key. You just reverse the trailer upto it and then have to press the "R" key to start the loading up of the pigs? However on this is the big problem, it causes the game to freeze up? You can't do anything not even use the ESC key to get out to the main menu. You have to press & hold Ctrl + Alt + Del keys to quit out of the game. I saved before doing this loading of the pig part or I would have lost allot of hard farming work? And if the selling price on the crops list is to be believed then you get over £64 million for one ton of pig. I have downloaded the 4.1 version of the map but how do I move over my saved game?

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