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Canadian Prairies Map v 7.0 SoilMod

Rating: 4/5, based on 7 votes
uploaded 2016-04-29 13:54:10, by renebqc

Canadian Prairies V7 Soil Mod

This map requires FS15 update 1.4.2 to load.

Map size 4096 x 4096 using map: map_16x_by_Sarah_M.

What's new in version 7, Completed the map build and scenery, placed name sign on each commercial buildings, reduced file size, cleaned I3d file, corrected errors found and reported.

Played the map for several hours, tested each pit. conveyor, buildings with scripts for proper operation, animals and their products, corrected cotton fillplane, fixed chaff box hard to clean from greenhouses wastes, replaced many bridges with more efficient ones and also many more little things. SoilMod products fillplanes are installed this time. 

Thanks to all modders for their scripts, buildings and all accessories included in this map.

Your humble builder,


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uploaded by renebqc
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Comments (28)

2016-04-29 15:41:19 Husker Slowboat (Guest)
I love the map but where is the wool sell point?
2016-04-29 15:48:33 renebqc
yellow dot on pda map is wool palet sale point
2016-04-29 17:05:17 Husker Slowboat (Guest)
Thank you for your help.
2016-04-29 17:59:57 renebqc
I'm starting a 2048x2048 map for those with pc problems who wish to play the map too. Same map plan but smaller map and hopefully half the size.
2016-04-30 04:28:00 jay (Guest)
in all the maps theres no where to sell the fruit from the green houses and the mix feeder in the big barn don't work and the cows cant get in to it
2016-04-30 05:59:44 RH (Guest)
So I had version 6 of your map. How do I "update" the map to version 7 and continue my save game? Or do I have to start all over with the new map version?
2016-04-30 06:40:55 renebqc
you have to start a new game to have some of the new things installed.
2016-04-30 06:49:36 renebqc
greenhouses have sale triggers so you don't have to worry about them, you want your money right away push them to the end of the conveyor, Mix feeder works fine, it is connected to the feeding through cow outside the building and so far I had no complains from the cows.
2016-04-30 15:28:32 stef (Guest)
bonjour j ai un probleme avec la carte il me manque les 2 citernes au niveau des serres et les porte ne souvre pas y a t il des modes a installer merci
2016-04-30 16:05:31 jay (Guest)
aww ok thanks that kinda takes the fun of loading them on a flatbed but anyway love the map
2016-04-30 19:08:29 Yvan (Guest)
Dear friends, Canadian Prairies Map v 7.0 SoilMod is a fantastic map! Also last are gorgeous but I have a problem that does everything slowly and stutters. I have a Mac with OS X El Capitan Version 10.11.4 (15E65) Processor 2.7 GHz Intel Core i5 Memory 8 GB 1600 MHz DDR3 Video card NVIDIA GeForce GT 640M 512MB With the Canadian Prairies Ultimate folder I have no problem and works perfectly. Can anyone help me, Thanks!
2016-04-30 22:23:04 cletgdm (Guest)
I don't know if anyone else is having this problem. the doors on the chicken coops won't open for me. all other doors open fine. they opened fine on the last version. thanks, cletgdm
2016-04-30 23:33:10 renebqc
you need "animation map trigger mod" in your mod folder, then when you stand in front of the door (your bumper to it), a logo will show at bottom right corner, the doors must be opened manually with the remote then will remain opened until manually closed again with the remote..
2016-05-01 05:12:10 Jim (Guest)
I use v6, don't use soil mod so, I will stick with it...and I love it !!! I just wish, there was the compost, potato steamer/washer, and the milk maxx. GE will not work on my computer (crashes) so I am at a disadvantage. Alot of fun tho, thanks !!
2016-05-01 16:44:51 Eoilis (Guest)
Low FPS on another map. Let me help you a little bit. To many real trees on map make the FPS go way down that is why most put in fake trees you can run though like you bushs you have on map. To many building to close also give low FPS. I do not have a beast of a machine but I have way over what game is calling for. I can run you map on lowest settings and play your map. Trees trees trees are the fps killer in this game.
2016-05-01 17:51:43 Pete (Guest)
I have four core Xeon with 32GB of DDR4 and 8GB video card and my FPS sometimes drops all the way to 7!!! This is the only map that does it. :-(
2016-05-02 17:52:08 renebqc
There will be one last update on this map ,then the 2048x2048 will replace it when it's completed. and Jim there will be compost, potato washer, potato steamer and milk max on the next update. Trying to eliminate fps fluctuation is a waste of time, It does it on a blank map too. I experience no lags. and my vehicules run easy on the map no matter what the fps are showing. I eliminated the areas where your vehicules would almost come to a stop and no trees where removed to resolve the issue. Most problems come from mods in your mods folder, I use windows 7 64 bit, I7@3Mhz, 6G ram, 4G vram,
2016-05-02 19:20:56 Jim (Guest)
Thanks...looking forward to it...also, the lettuce and the others do not work on either map, what could I have wrong?
2016-05-02 21:10:41 Yvan (Guest)
Dear Eolis, thanks for the tip! folder now works perfectly. Thanks! Yvan
2016-05-02 21:55:20 Betty_efn_WHite (Guest)
what mods do i need to make this map run properly?
2016-05-04 03:18:28 PK (Guest)
I noticed that the entries for cows and chickens in the "animals" screen are jumbled together. Is this possible to fix? It makes it impossible to read either group.
2016-05-04 03:48:07 renebqc
Mods for the map to run properly: First animation map trigger and this one I forgot to include, it will cause your greenhouse tanks not to show. As far as vehicules you need Kotte_Universal_Pack for all mods on the map that requires fluids ex: fuel , water, milk ect. Scania_pezzaiolitransport for animals transport works fine, And of corse those included. That's it.
2016-05-04 03:53:49 renebqc
To Eoilis , There will less trees on the next one, less than half, hopefully that will work for you.
2016-05-04 04:00:54 renebqc
for the animals screen problems, it's a conflict with two files that do the same in your mod folder, try running the map alone in your mods folder and don't forget to include animation map trigger which is not included and then add one additional map at the time, it's from another map.
2016-05-05 02:33:46 PK (Guest)
Ok, I'll look into which other map is causing it. Thanks!
2016-05-07 01:27:25 renebqc
version 8 is beeing uploaded to server, it should be ready for download shortly.
2016-05-07 01:50:39 Anjinsan (Guest)
Hello, where can produce and store compost for the soilmod field?? Thanks
2016-05-07 02:19:06 renebqc
I didn't have one installed, there is one in version 8, I dont play soil mod, so I know little about it. Thanks for telling me, anything else missing let me know.

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