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Canadian Prairies Map v 8.0 SoilMod

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uploaded 2016-05-07 04:01:05, by renebqc

Canadian Prairies 8 Soil Mod

           What"s new in version 8: MilkMax was installed, washed and steamed potato and all hardware required for the new mods. Trees were chopped down to less then half, secondary silo modified, bale to straw installed (allow bale to be unloaded directly to straw pit and converted to straw) it replaces the bale destroyer, grass completed all around the map and too many little thing to list.

All required files included, remember to unzip.
Map tested many hours, all mods tested for proper operation, all products and animals tested ok.

Note: This map requires FS15 update 1.4.2 to load. Map size 4096 x 4096 using map: map_16x_by_Sarah_M.

renebqc,  Thanks to all modders for their scripts , mods and items used on this map.

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uploaded by renebqc
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Comments (5)

2016-05-07 06:52:51 Jim (Guest)
Thanks for all the hard work, and the additions. The lettuce and the others are still not working, really no big deal, the profit off them are not that much. That being said, the prices are too low for steaned potatoes and beet pulp, it is better to sell the root veggies by themselves. Is there a way that I can go in and change it? Thanks again, This is a great map, the others were great fun !! Thanks !!
2016-05-07 14:55:48 renebqc
I had the ultimate version in my mod folder and thats wherw the greenhouses where being registered from and not the uploaded file. I feel bad about it, I very sorry. I will upload another one. I I will increase the potato price also .
2016-05-07 15:01:50 renebqc
thanks Jim for your help,
2016-05-07 17:31:26 giullarino (Guest)
ciao ronebqc ...mappa stupenda fino alla 7 poi la 8 non mi si carica forse sbaglio io qualcosa ma non parte ..... continua cosi sei forte
2016-05-07 19:16:36 James (Guest)
Fantastic map! Thanks you for releasing it.. Quick question; the soilmod takes so long to harvest is there a way to make growing faster since it disables the menu speed

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