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Canadian Prairies Ultimate 4 Final

Rating: 4/5, based on 2 votes
uploaded 2016-09-22 03:33:38, by renebqc

Canadian Prairies Ultimate 4 Final

Fruits: mohn, sunflower, oat, rye, cotton, grape, soybean

Mods: potato washer and steamer, compost plant, compost master, terrain and dirt control, soil mod, dammage repair, mixfeeder, map ampeln, sawmills, saegewerk, wood chippers...

Many more hours of testing and corrections.

Thank you all for your support.

Have Fun farming!

To use this map with version 4.2 and 4.3 you must rename this map the same name as your map, then load your saved game.
Make a backup first.

Thanks to all modders for anything I used on this map.


Canadian Prairies Ultimate 4 Final, 1 photo

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uploaded by renebqc
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Comments (2)

2016-09-22 14:20:20 Gamebooster (Guest)
Map is not good , too much FPS dips 8-13 . The map begins with bucking . Sorry but please correct .
2016-09-22 17:59:27 FalPos
Mit jeder neuen Aktualisierung der Karte werden die Anforderungen an den PC und Grafikkarte immer höher. Für mich ist diese eigentlich sehr schöne Karte unspielbar geworden. Ruckeln ohne Ende, ein flüssiger Spielverlauf ist bei mir nicht mehr möglich. Vielleicht kannst Du das noch beheben.

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