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Canadian Prairies Ultimate 5 Soil Mod

Rating: 5/5, based on 6 votes
uploaded 2016-10-21 06:34:21, by renebqc

Canadian Prairies Ultimate 5

cotton, grape, soybean, oat, rye, carrot, onion

Animals: pig, beef, chicken2, young chicken, lamb, laying chicken

New: conveyoy replaced to handle more pallets, sale triggers removed from all conveyors, streets lights moved away from field edge, bale masters , laying chicken , and many more mods ready to go.

Optional Mods: dammage and repair, terrain and dirt and soilmod.

All tested.

included: trailer pack to handle all greenhouses pallets and more.

Thanks to all modders for anything I used to build this map.

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uploaded by renebqc
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Comments (3)

2016-10-21 16:58:01 renebqc
All pallets are accepted at Lumber Factory at the marker.
2017-04-10 00:31:33 stefou (Guest)
Why if I cut grass I have straw in the autoloading wagon ????
2019-03-25 18:52:39 Frankenstien
Sorry to do this here but when I contact Admin it tells me I'm not logged on. Anyway some mods are only on but every one I try to download it basically says no can't do that. It says something like it won't show the download page. I'm just wondering why. also these are all Farm Simulator 2015 mods. Mod's that also go to Sharemods works fine.

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