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Canadian Rocky

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uploaded 2016-10-11 12:42:18, by renebqc

Canadian Rocky Map

   This map started with one empty map and numerous problems lead me to rebuild to another empty map. Map01 folder is from Keinen's empty map, so is the roads, port and numerous little things. The second map is Leere4FachMap.soil from Ollwaine on which I completed the build

I included two thing, one is a balemaste for grass bale I created from the straw one and one FS15_flieglDPW180_3 trailer pack modified to handle all greenhouses fruits pallets on this map
No sale trigger is installed on this map.
There are also sale points at the port.

Fruits: oat, rye, sunflower, soybean, sorghum, carrot and onion.

Animals: beef, pig, lamb, chicken2 and young chicken.

Mods: greenhouses, compost filling plant, compost master, seedmaster, beetmaster, mixfeeder, potato washer and steamer, balemasters..

Optional mods: dammage and repair, map ampeln.

The one thing I could not find, is how to eliminate that train sound at the start. So Beware of it.

Many hours of testing were done but that does not make it perfect, so anything you find and report I will correct.

The map has soilmod installed but no testing were done or anything installed for soilmod on the map

Keinen did the map modeling and roads which was flawless, anything wrong I did it.  Ollwaine for a great empty map.
               Also thanks to all moders for anything used on this one.

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uploaded by renebqc
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Comments (6)

2016-10-11 18:05:46 renebqc
added the two ponsee last and forgot to verify them, these are the correct defaultVehicule values. <vehicle filename="data/vehicles/steerable/cars/piQup.xml" xPosition="836" yOffset="0.5" zPosition="-191" yRotation="90" dirtAmount="0.5"/> <vehicle filename="data/vehicles/steerable/ponsse/ponsseScorpion.xml" xPosition="-209.5" yOffset="0.5" zPosition="-814" yRotation="90" dirtAmount="0.5"/> <vehicle filename="data/vehicles/steerable/ponsse/ponsseScorpion.xml" xPosition="-209.5" yOffset="0.5" zPosition="-806." yRotation="90" dirtAmount="0.5"/>
2016-10-11 20:37:23 renebqc
started a correction map that will fix sawmills and other problems.
2016-10-12 05:48:54 renebqc
correction map has been uploaded...
2016-10-20 12:45:43 Pimpon123
Hello Sorry this card and I think that's the worst that you had made the series the ultimate series, the best card to play nice
2016-10-30 17:45:46 Dan (Guest)
how and where do you get seeds for the green houses and what do you use to transport them can someone let me know please and thank you this an awesome map you did a awesome job hope you can make one for farm simulator 2017 good job
2016-10-31 01:35:42 dan (Guest)
I am using Canadian Rocky

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