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FS15 Windchaser Map BETA Soil Mod

Rating: 4/5, based on 38 votes
uploaded 2015-07-18 11:31:00, by Guest

Большая и красивая Американская мульти
фруктовая карта, добавлен Soil Management есть Chopped Straw,Guelle Mist Mod.


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uploaded by Guest
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Comments (9)

2015-07-19 10:40:15 ich (Guest)
full shit the map
2015-07-22 19:41:32 Your Name (Guest)
you yourself are full of shit
2015-08-15 09:37:10 Farmer580
what type of fruits, how many fields, bga? cattle? sheep? chickens? what mods are installed? what mods do you need? starter vehicles? come on need some type of description!!! need english version
2015-08-22 15:00:38 Your Name (Guest)
download and check
2015-09-24 17:39:51 Yeppers (Guest)
downloaded and it crashed my factory maps so had to delete , but all in all it seemed like a cool map for sure if it didnt have the bugs
2015-10-12 21:32:25 Your Name (Guest)
будь ласка по українскі
2015-11-06 09:54:36 canadian troll (Guest)
what a dink. his greed out weighs his soul. if you have a gift share it. Jesus did. he like to be a lion and not a man.
2016-01-24 02:58:10 Your Name (Guest)
when you hear how this map ended up being released, talent or not it's unfair! Plus if he were going to release it, i'm sure he wouldn't want his name associated with an unfinished version like this.
2016-02-09 06:54:13 Guest (Guest)
this map was stolen i no the person who made it and this version isn't the real finished map.

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