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New World Map

Rating: 4/5, based on 30 votes
uploaded 2014-12-21 05:54:00, by Guest

Standard size map with Big fields, Storage for Chaff, Straw, Silage, Hay, Forage, and normal fruits and grains. The map is flat and straight forward for big farming and ease of game load.

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uploaded by Guest
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Comments (9)

2014-12-21 18:02:09 Aldrich (Guest)
Nice big flat mat to concentrate on farming, but icons not at the right places and need more points to offload on the map, please.
2014-12-22 06:57:37 akecheta_wakan
I did not catch that, thanks for pointing out the Icons, this is the basis for a 4x I am working on, so was holding off on sale points for now.
2014-12-27 01:04:44 es (Guest)
cant bay any fields..
2014-12-30 15:56:02 gromov_wap
on the edges of the top flight on the desktop
2015-01-16 03:30:40 Terry (Guest)
Where do I sell the wool?
2015-01-19 19:50:43 musicman (Guest)
nice map, but cant harvest any grass with anything. Unable to harvest hay.
2015-09-26 13:52:52 ExtremeBanditaCZE (Guest)
Great map... I prefer big maps with big fields for modern technics :) Thanks for this Mod ;)
2017-01-31 03:10:14 Inhissteps
Love the size of the fields but can't buy any:( Keep up the good work.
2019-01-07 22:08:40 kasza23566
Mam pyt w którym miejscu jest ikonka kupna pola bo nie mogę znaleść a nie mogę siać na innych

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