Sosnovka Map v 1.0 FINAL

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7 years ago
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Game FS 15
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Created 7 years ago


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Ray Bass (Guest)
5 years ago
The gates DO NOT open in or out of a vehicle, and if your in a vehicle and you drive through the gates, it throws the vehicle or trailor about, also it says about 5 greenhouses ( but I can only find 4 ) but if does not tell you how you supposed to water the plants in side. also new animal pens for pigs and beef, not sure how to fill them either as no instructions, apart fro that, its pretty good
Ronaldcon (Guest)
5 years ago
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Roger (Guest)
7 years ago
How did you get the i3d file to edit it? I'd like to do some modding on this map but you can' do it from the DLC.

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