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Volksholm v 2.4 Multifrucht

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uploaded 2016-03-09 02:11:12, by John Der33

Version 2.4 Multifrucht
- Damage and Repair Mod inserted.
- Traders away, it inserted a large workshop. (Contains trigger for Hardpoint / Damage & Repair Mod)
- Watermod updated, now with hose connections at the potions.
- Small workshop in the dugout on the farm added.
- PDA image renewed.
- The entire wood processing kevink98 installed.
- The complete food processing kevink98 installed.
- (The baker was changed slightly, it does not require the cherries!)
- brought composting up to date.
- brought SeedMaster up to date.
- brought BeetMaster up to date.
- Pig feed production revised, it is now partially tipping trailer with possible
- also were installed hose connections.
- When egg-laying station now also must empty pallets are delivered!
- The village has now a supermarket, this takes all the goods that are on pallets.
- Some minor adjustments and changes.
- A little hint: The construction market is only open 8:00 to 20:00!
- Balemaster away.
- Bales can be "tipped" into the feed stock from now, this will be credited to feed stores. (Straw, grass and silage bales)
- Caution: The machines such as eg. Potato scrubber and composting shall not be filled with the standard diesel trailer, this brings the game to crash !! Please use to the Kotte Universal Pack.
- Washed and steamed potatoes can now be sold at the shipping company and the railway station.

RC-Devil: DüngerFabrik/Lager, Kompost Textur
Marhu: Watermod, Milchtrigger. Mapsiloband, Stutzen, Woolpalettcollector Viehmarkt
Marhu u. Mannie313: Mastanlagen GMK Mod
Marhu Funky: Rübenschneider
Marhu, weisser: Seed2Fix
Andy1978 und Marhu: Seedmaster
Farmer_Andy: Kompostwerk, Güllelager, Rübenschnitzler, Hühnermast
Schweinefutter Produktion, Balemaster Eier Lege Station
upsidedown : Multifruid Mod, Unkrautmod
1LS12: Unterstand
Mariodiek: Förderband Holzschnitzel, Lagerhalle
webalizer_ls: ChoppedStraw
Lars: Regal
ZeFir_POLAND: Bodentextur
Eribus: Forgotten Plants Landscape Texture V1.0, Fruchttexturen
Leos50: Förderbänder
Blacky_BPG, Nils23, weisser, lappyBauer, dtmaster: DigitalDisplay
bgo1973: Klee Luzerne
Eisbearg: Gitterbox Eier
Inerti: DustMod
Geneborg: Texturen: Gülle Mist Kalk – Sonnenblumen, Klee Luzerne
Joerg_B: Große Halle
TyphoOn: BGA für Kleinbetriebe
San_Andreas: Baumarkt
SoilMod: Decker_MMIV
GasStationTrigger Extended:
Blacky_BPG LS13 / Convertiert für LS15 tobiasgo
Bluebaby210: Mix Feeder

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uploaded by John Der33
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