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Fliegl DPW 180 Automatic Charging Function v 3.0

Rating: 5/5, based on 16 votes
uploaded 2015-09-22 00:37:59, by John Der33

Fliegl DPW 180 Automatic Charging Function v 3.0 mod for Farming Simulator 2015.

Updates for Version 3.0

Supports for the bales and pallets of Krone Ultima: Farming Simulator | Krone Ultima CF 155 XC | Mod Hub Supports for Siliermitteltank and purchasable Silage Knife from Mengele Garant Self loading wagons: Farming Simulator | Mengele Garant 540/2 | Mod Hub Supports for big tree seedling pallets: Multi Tree v1.8 - Forestry - Modding World Supports for eggs pallets from here: egg-laying station placeable V1.1 - Supports for pallets of greenhouses: Greenhouse lettuce placeable (factory script) update (23-04 -15) - | greenhouses GE version & placeable (factory Script) - Supports for UHT milk jugs: placeable MilkMax (Modpack) - Supports for the pallets of fruit farm: Fruit Farm By Kastor v1 .1 - Then there are a few, I think, added useful functions: One can in the types of products now by Advancing and rewinding It is now the product type from the front or rear appended followers accept new followers have been added: Fliegl DPW 180 wooden platform Fliegl DPW 150 wooden platform Fliegl DPW 150 tandem with wooden platform (of course both versions [Black and Silver drawbar]) Fliegl DPW 180 trailer with steel platform Fliegl DPW 180 trailer with wooden platform

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uploaded by John Der33
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Comments (4)

2015-09-22 00:39:52 FarmerMark
Does it pick up wrapped SQUARE bales?
2015-09-23 04:02:41 thierryc9 (Guest)
The best thanks
2015-10-05 20:30:10 Beta1911_DK (Guest)
How is that MP version coming along
2016-04-07 18:42:28 shlomo2550 (Guest)
There is a bug after the sale? 4 pallets filled .. Stops producing wool !! Have to go out and get into the game again Please fix!

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