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Kenworth K100 CabOver

Rating: 5/5, based on 3 votes
uploaded 2015-03-19 13:54:02, by Zallamann

- mirrors
- dynamic exhaust
- Power - 1000 hp
- Speed - 85 km / h
- Dust from the wheels
- Leaves traces on the road


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uploaded by Zallamann
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Comments (4)

2015-03-20 06:08:03 Your Name (Guest)
can't hook up to any of my trailers
2015-03-21 23:29:05 thierry (Guest)
Surdimensione pas realiste du tout
2015-03-24 20:20:08 OIF3gunner (Guest)
It will only hook up to the flat trailer in the picture. PLEASE fix to allow all trailers and pretty please take the long start up before you can move and drive!! do that and it will be my absolute favorite truck in the game!
2015-03-24 20:22:43 OIF3gunner (Guest)
Sorry, its not pictured on this site...its the flatbed trailer that you buy in the miscellaneous category.

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