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MAN TGS Forest Set v 2.1 Beta

Rating: 5/5, based on 17 votes
uploaded 2015-02-21 17:10:00, by Zallamann

Edit for version v 2.1 BETA:
Collisions on the stanchions renewed revised (accurately), power (no longer corresponds to reality), normal beacons by rotating beacon beams replaced including additional lamps (see new images);
Applies to all trailers: collisions of the stakes renewed (accurately), rotation speed of the flashing lights veringert.

GiantsSoftware, SpeedySC1978

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uploaded by Zallamann
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Comments (5)

2015-02-21 18:42:36 Octopuss (Guest)
So Zallaman, which site are you mostly stealing mods from? Can't you at least mention the source?
2015-02-21 20:12:05 Zallamann
I do not understand ... what resource?
2015-02-21 22:24:00 Octopuss (Guest)
You are not the author of the mod. You are basically just ripping mods from other sites. It would be polite to at least say where did you download it from.
2015-02-22 09:05:40 Zallamann
Uncredited - download from the internet)))
2015-02-22 09:35:02 Octopuss (Guest)
So this site is the same piece of shit as most others - no real authors are here, just people like you who simply reupload mods they find on 15 other equally useless sites that rip each other off. Bravo.

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