2006 Chevrolet Silverado 2500 v 1.0

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3 years ago
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Chevrolet 2500 with flatbed with 5th wheel hitch and low trailer hitch.

3 engine options
2 wheel options (single or dual)
2 bumper options (stock or road armor)
2 design options  (fender flare and step)
Fully paintable and washable
LED strobe lights (no addons required)
Fully funtional lights
Tension straps

Took a while to put this together but here it is. There are bugs that need working out and some tweaking to do but it good enough to use. Log is showing some errors, nothing major. Interior is nothing great but that was what the original had. It will do untill I can find one or make one. 

Any problems leave a comment.

TorqueWrench1 - Chevy 2500 model
Cameron King - Tires (stock wheel config)
ACUSMC - Rims (stock wheel config), Exhaust pipe
Josh99 - Tires/Rims (dual wheel config)
End Of Days - Bed, Road Armor Bumper, AO baking
Bcbuhler - Front frame
No clue who did the rear suspension but credits to them. It was pulled from a Chevy 2500 dumpbed model from here https://www.modland.net/farming-simulator-2017-mods/trucks/2006-chevy-silverado-dumptruck-v-1.0.html. This where I got the Chevy 2500 model as well. Credits to Tyler Roland and ENG51INE as well.


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Latest Version v 1.0
Game FS 17
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Created 3 years ago


2 years ago

a Good Chevy thats a good one the only Good chevy is one in a junk yard Peterbilt For life

2 years ago

Bitch bitch bitch moan its free deal with it

Steve (Guest)
2 years ago

I have had the issue of getting stuck in the vehicle and when toggling between vehicles, it will only toggle to the next closest one, but you are still left in control of the 2500. It's odd for sure. Great model though and I hope to see these bugs worked out. Thanks for sharing by the way.

2 years ago

Dude I LOVE THE SOUND WHEN THIS BADDY STARTS UP!!!! Has not crashed my have used it so to yall!

Russell (Guest)
2 years ago

I don' understand? There are several that say it crashes their game and freezes it. Why is it still a option to download until this problem is fixed? By the way it does the same to my game!

seth (Guest)
3 years ago

it crashes my game every time I buy it

BlazeIt (Guest)
3 years ago

this mod works very nice other then interior camera. If you use light add on mod it wont work as well as alot of other vehicles the light add on effects. good mod im happy with it!

Guest (Guest)
3 years ago

Mine would not do anything. It locked up my game.

guest (Guest)
3 years ago

truck needs work for sure, like interior cam fixed & more detailed interior & door mirrors need glass but a nice truck with good options.

jake (Guest)
3 years ago

make the LED strobe lights shine on the ground

Chase (Guest)
3 years ago

Yuck great

help (Guest)
3 years ago

so I downloaded this cuz it looked amazing and I bought 2 in store and I go to drive one and it just sits at the store . I cant get it to move and when I try switching to another vehicle it keeps me in this truck like I'm frozen there so please help! this truck has amazing potential!

dude (Guest)
3 years ago

loaded with errors in the log. camera still upside down with the latest file on this site. Great mod just needs some work. Wish I could fix it myself. Need a Chevy

3 years ago

This Mod is amazing, The only thing that I found wrong with it was the Interior Camera other than that the truck is beast!

End Of Days (Guest)
3 years ago

People wont know whats wrong unless they say something. Beside the inside camera issue, which has been mentionedthat, prevents first person camera from being used, it is the only problem ive seen mentioned. It has been fixed by the way. Post a comment on whats wrong and ill look into it. Untill then hit that dislike button.


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