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UMRV Map v 2.1

Rating: 4/5, based on 36 votes
uploaded 2017-09-02 06:19:02, by John Der33

Welcome to the stream everyone. We are showcasing some of the changes and fixes made to version 2.1 of the UMRV map for FS 17. The map can be found at my facebook page on the pinned post (link below). Let me know if you have any questions, comments or concerns. You can message me on facebook. If you haven't please consider subscribing to the facebook page and liking the UMRV facebook page. All official updates, fixes, support and news on new maps will be shared on these two sites. As always thanks again for all the support and to everyone that contributed to this project.


uploaded by John Der33
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Comments (9)

2017-09-02 12:14:37 NAVIGATOR (Guest)
Where do I copy the contents of file FS17_UMRV_PLACEABLE_BIN_PACK_V2 ???
2017-09-02 14:01:10 mickeymouse (Guest)
into mod folder they are placable
2017-09-02 21:16:26 Bigmack (Guest)
This map is full of errors.
2017-09-02 21:20:05 spooby (Guest)
The map has errors and and some of the mods in the mod pack
2017-09-03 01:38:02 MilesLaCroix
I just played this map and the sky is pitch black and it has no stars or anything and it stays pitch black all the time, please fix this as this is a pretty good map.
2017-09-07 23:06:16 DarkMatter14 (Guest)
Any tips on getting it to load? Game crashes every time I try even turning every mod off that has to do with the game directly. I have version 2 downloaded so would that be conflicting with it?
2017-09-26 15:53:23 GanjaMajic420 (Guest)
This is not the real map he stole it the real download is on facebook.
2018-04-18 02:00:54 david (Guest)
My sky is black and it doesn't turn blue please fix the sky.
2019-08-11 22:17:18 Ford4ever

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