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John Deere 7R Full Pack

Rating: 5/5, based on 18 votes
uploaded 2017-11-16 03:15:25, by Famaro96

I present you my John Deere 7R version. It’s a premium mod, the best you can get in game.
This mod has many new configurations, improved textures, new driving physics, bug fixes and many other improvements.
Have a nice game!

Mod Functions and Changes:
* New more realistic color textures
* Added Dynamic Hoses (Front and Back)
* New driving physics (The tractor doesn't roll over on a side)
* New Exhaust effects
* New dirt skin(New color dirt)
* Added new wheel configurations
* Added new configuration design
* Added New tires
* Fixed animations and new animations
* Added Black Version
* Added back number plates
* Fixed all bugs and other visual changes...
- Full Washable
- Animated joystick
- Motor configurations
- Wheels configurations
- Front hydraulic or weight
- Interactive control
- You can open door also from outside(R)
- Opening the door and back window
- Cabsuspension
- Indoor sound
- Passenger mod
- Movable front axle
- Wipers animation
- Full lights
- Movable front fender
- Mirrors
- Adjusting the steering column
- Speedometer and tachometer
- Dust, tire tracks

*Please keep only original download link and don’t reload on other hosts.
*Please appreciate my work and please don’t release edit this version.
*You can add mod on other forums but copy the whole post.



 John Deere 7R Full Pack, 1 photo

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uploaded by Famaro96
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Comments (11)

2017-11-16 10:07:30 hudger (Guest)
Awesome mod! thanks
2017-11-16 11:50:50 Gellman (Guest)
Great mod! This is the best John Deere 7R Series for Farming Simulator. thanks boys
2017-11-16 16:52:41 guest (Guest)
good mod, but Christmas will be here before it downloads, maybe try a different host to download from
2017-11-17 02:33:15 frnresq
Awesome Mod...............Thanks!
2017-11-17 03:23:04 Didn't know it could do this (Guest)
2017-11-17 19:21:11 ShagSpastic
Someone please upload this to
2017-11-18 23:18:40 Ben (Guest)
I'll type this again seeing as my first comment was deleted. This is not really your work now is it??, did you create the mod from scratch? The answer is no, you did not. This is tech mod as with your edit on top. Did you get permission to upload and treat it as your own? I imagine you didnt. No one will respect your request because you cant respect the original modder.
2017-11-19 22:31:26 Piotr12
Nie łamie zakazu,znalazłem link na innym
2017-11-21 03:18:46 joe (Guest)
thank you Piotr you have to manually type the link in but its way better than the original site.
2017-11-27 14:50:38 Swift (Guest)
@Ben Did you not use the Giants Editor to create this mod? Is the Giants editor yours? (No, it isn't) Please read the EULA... Anything created with the Giants Editor is considered property of Giants inc. The mod is not yours nor anyone else's for that matter. It is free to share! as per your agreement when you installed the Giants editor on your computer!
2018-01-03 00:22:10 mybutt (Guest)
i like it but is so coooooooooooooooooollllllllllllllllllllllllll dude!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!love it

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