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US Trailer With Autoload Feature v 2.0

Rating: 5/5, based on 55 votes
uploaded 2016-11-22 11:14:32, by John Der33

Here is a Converted US Flatbed trailer mod for Farming Simulator 17.
It can automatically load the in-game square and round bales as well as all the pallet items such as seed, fert, pig food, etc.
This is fully tested and functional in SP, MP, & Dedicated Servers.

oxtar (original mod from Farming Simulator 15)Bigdaddy012678 (converted it from Farming Simulator 15 and added tension belts & Autoload feature)HoT online Team For the Univeral Auto Loading script


US Trailer With Autoload Feature v 2.0, 1 photoUS Trailer With Autoload Feature v 2.0, 2 photoUS Trailer With Autoload Feature v 2.0, 3 photoUS Trailer With Autoload Feature v 2.0, 4 photo

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uploaded by John Der33
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Comments (9)

2016-11-22 12:08:20 Ik (Guest)
It works great.
2016-11-23 07:23:38 Farming_Priester (Guest)
2016-11-25 19:48:04 LumberjackTbot (Guest)
cool. can you make same for timber logs?
2016-11-28 12:39:25 mrsammycat
its the best
2016-12-01 05:49:42 fireman4509
this mod was working great until last night it stop work with the auto load
2016-12-02 04:26:42 fedexpope
works well. i just wish the airlines were not neon green, and i could do without the giant daddy logo on the headache rack
2016-12-21 11:37:05 parabola
One of the best trailers in the game. Great mod. I have 1800 sheep and this is the only way to haul mass amounts of wool. 16 pallets on each trailer. I currently have 3 of these, with the daily upkeep at 10, its worth holding on to the wool until i get a good price. Autoload feature works really well. Props to the modder!
2017-02-27 14:26:47 Kyle (Guest)
Is it possible to get this mod available for consoles? We have no auto load trailers yet and it's getting frustrating. I understand we can't have it all...but surely 1 auto load trailer is possible. Thanks
2018-04-02 11:21:31 Farmer_BoB
Hi there guys, maybe ud like to check my trailer review and some others at: Have an awesome farming day!!! Take care Farmer BoB

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