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Add-On Straw Harvest v 1.0

Rating: 4/5, based on 100 votes
uploaded 2017-11-30 18:00:33, by John Der33

Product information "Farming Simulator 17 Add-On Straw Harvest"

Add the pellet industry to your farm business – with the first official add-on from Aerosoft and Creative Mesh for the critically acclaimed Farming Simulator 17!

NOTE: The add-on is compatible with the version of GIANTS and STEAM!

Enjoy these and many more machines in the new add-on Straw Harvest for the Farming Simulator 17!

Krone Premos 5000: direct processing of straw and hay swaths into pellets
Bressel und Lade hay bale gripper: Compatible with tractor, telescopic handler and wheel loader
Krone Comprima V180 XC round bale press, round bales with diameter of 110, 130, 155 und 180 cm
Krone BiG Pack 1290 HDP II XC, configurable for the BaleCollect 1230, animated twine box
Krone BaleCollect 1230 bale collector, creates bales in packs of 3

Expandable pellet storage
Fully functional gantry crane
Fully automatic pelletisation installation

Pellets in general:
Intersperse/feed animals
Sell as bulk goods
Sell as pallet goods

Included are:
Krone Premos 5000 Pellet harvesterr
Krone BiG Pack 1290 HDP II XC square bale press
Krone Comprima V180 XC round bale press
Krone BaleCollect 1230 bale collector
Bressel und Lade B50 AR-03 und B50 AR-05 bale forks
Pellet processing hall with palletizing plant and gantry crane
Sales booth for the produced pallets

Creative Mesh

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uploaded by John Der33
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Comments (39)

2017-11-30 18:23:27 NWDidgitalCreations
I hope they arnt planning on this being payware because most everything they mention i can find as free mods.
2017-11-30 18:44:22 DDSniper
im going to wait till its uploaded on a torrent site or someone uploads it to a mod site I'm not paying 19 euros for it i live in the states, i have some of their stuff for flight simulator and its way over priced when i can find better quality Free ware addons for Flight simulator..... Don't waste your money because you can find the same thing here and you can get what you want instead of getting stuff you will never use
2017-12-01 05:26:54 JPV (Guest)
This is just another money making scheme!!!
2017-12-01 07:42:09 Dirk (Guest)
Never buy Add on for LS 17!!!!! Buy real simulator of Farming and not this Game
2017-12-01 11:30:48 Stef (Guest)
Um Gottes Willen... da möchte jemand Geld für seine Arbeit haben. Wo kommen wir denn da hin wenn plötzlich jeder Geld für Arbeit haben möchte irgendwann kommt noch einer auf die Idee das man im Supermarkt bezahlen muss wenn man sich da Waren holt. Man man man ihr Kleinhirne es zwingt euch doch keiner etwas zu kaufen. Was für Lappen und Heulsusen in unserer Gesellschaft das tut schon langsam weh.
2017-12-02 09:19:40 Gido (Guest)
Ja? Dann schau mal im Spiegel!!! Den wer für LS17 noch geld aus geben tut der ist mein augen ein Lappen!!!!! Das Spiel ist abgebrannt und anders wird LS19 auch nicht werden! Alle zwei Jahre von Giants ein LS Simulator und keine Verbesserung zu sehen. Allein die Pflanzen texturen oder pflanzen dichte ist mehr grausam in dem Spiel. Die Felder sind nur flach man fährt rüber wie auf schienen was das denn.
2017-12-02 11:40:59 Ben (Guest)
Too many entitled players thinking they can just have someone else work for free. So many hours are put into making these mods and you think you can stick a value on it despite the fact you couldnt make a mod to save your life. Stop your complaining
2017-12-02 13:02:57 JPV (Guest)
@Ben - Are you a shareholder of the Add on Straw Harvest?
2017-12-02 13:52:51 Asion912H (Guest)
Ok! I find link for ' straw harvest addon' . Working link at moment that i download it . All scripts work !!uU02zZgJ!wKkxqr80XioHoZLh8BhdoSoB9UNJeeiTrytRXFiMaMY
2017-12-02 19:00:53 sam fs17 (Guest)
thank you friend !!!!
2017-12-03 09:31:12 Piotr12
Dzięki.Dla czego nie którzy pobierają pieniądze za dodatki do gry,twórcy gry dali program do tworzenia modów w cenie gry chodzi mi o Giants a teraz jakieś łosie próbują kasę trzepać
2017-12-03 14:37:17 Zockr_mods
price-performance ratio is a joke...
2017-12-04 00:02:05 jonathan (Guest)
get the free mod at
2017-12-04 08:16:56 1par cm (Guest)
bonjour, ASION les scrips ne fonctionne pas , car des que l'on achete les vehicule ça fait planter le jeu. dommage. merci quand même. idem pour le lien de Jonathan. dommage.
2017-12-04 08:36:10 1par cm (Guest)
le probleme ne concerne que les 2 presses. l'usine et la machine a bouchons fonctionne tres bien.
2017-12-04 10:19:18 Lollipopp (Guest)
Das Addon ist ja nicht schlecht, aber dafür soviel Geld auszu geben, tut doch im Erbsenhirn weh... Oder habe ich da was verpasst... ich meine das es gereicht hätte dafür 4,99 € zu verlangen, aber nicht 19,99 €
2017-12-04 19:06:46 GoodMan (Guest)
2017-12-04 20:12:12 1 par cm (Guest)
ok avec toi Lollipop. même si pour moi je serais monter à 9.90 eur a cause de l'usine qui est quand même tres bien faite. mais pas à 19.90 c'est clair.
2017-12-05 04:35:35 Ungaro47
es cierto por que cobrar si es gratis, cuidado con los que quieren hacer negocio personal
2017-12-07 14:35:03 IHfarmer
more freaking greedware great people never pay for mods its a waste of time can do all this mod does for free anyways
2017-12-08 21:17:51 MADxMAX
this does look good, but geez comon the price costs as much if not more than the actual game
2017-12-10 07:25:56 rob
2017-12-11 13:34:01 Adi (Guest)
Got the game for less money
2017-12-17 22:28:07 fsfreak (Guest)
thx for the links, working fine!
2017-12-18 05:11:28 Drew (Guest)
It is a little pricey but Im willing to pay for quality add ons. I hope it sparks more people to do it. Modding is time consuming and takes considerable skill
2017-12-21 00:48:19 99David9 (Guest)
Harvester Premos 5000 + tractor does not work with CoursePlay 5.2.034. CoursePlay shows info "bad tool".
2018-03-12 04:56:52 TarasiPoigh
2018-03-22 08:29:41 Alex (Guest)
Да иди ты на хуй со своими гривнами!!!
2018-03-22 20:39:06 Alexander Schäfer (Guest)
2018-05-09 19:08:43 Ther-BullDog-NL
This mod is already old there is a update for this addon you can bether pay for it so you can get the updates.
2018-08-16 02:45:47 david (Guest)
very disappointed with this does not load in game if you have mods in folder .
2018-08-23 04:23:04 Fightingcamel
WTF !!! who cares .... go to www. sell crap .com not here.... lol
2018-08-23 07:57:21 Thanks alot assholes (Guest)
these dumb ass comments are exactly the kind of thing that gonna take away our ability to leave feedback. Keep it up and screw it all up for all of us.
2018-08-23 09:01:09 tasteless (Guest)
Grow up the lot of yas. Ya sound like a bunch of kindergarten kids. Sorry the kids are more intelligent.
2018-09-11 23:19:03 crap stoppers (Guest)
Complete crap, save your money.
2018-10-12 23:35:23 Alexander (Guest)
...засунь себе в жопу свои приветствия вместе со своим сайтом, гнида..!
2018-10-13 16:14:33 grudge (Guest)
a lot of people complaining about a paid mod. did you even read the description? its an addon made by giants themselves. this was out in shops on the date in the image. and now the last place you can find it is a digital download. this is just like the Kuhn pack, or the big bud pack
2018-10-14 02:14:34 Farmerflynn28 (Guest)
grudge is right
2019-07-17 16:22:04 howsquadworks (Guest)
can you convert this mod to fs19

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