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Chevy Silverado 3500HD V1.1

Rating: 3/5, based on 52 votes
uploaded 2017-02-04 19:26:19, by End_Of_Days

V1.1 of the Chevy Silverado 3500HD I released some time ago.

Fixes/changes in this version:
Camera no longer get stuck under the vehicle.
Interior/Exterior camera is no longer inverted.
Fixed some texture errors.
Added dirt to more of the vehicle. 
Added/fix the lights (you can see in the screen shot light emit on the ground now around the vehicle).
Added two engine options (still a work in progress).
Tinted windows (see known issues section).

Known issues:
The player model in the vehicle is buggy. Hands go all crazy when you turn and the hat floats above the head. No clue whats going on. This is why the windows are tinted black. You can use the interior camera though. You will be able to see through the windows on the inside. When this problem is fixed I will take the tint off. If any can get the player model fixed let me know.

I tried adding tension strap to the truck bed but I can't get them to work. I left the straps in the model and the code in the .xml. It does affect the model leaving them there. They just don't work. Again if anyone can get them to work let me know in the comments.

Thats about it. Enjoy.
GIANTS Software/Bcbuhler/Cameron King/End Of Days/John McWade/SnipeStud00


Chevy Silverado 3500HD V1.1, 1 photo

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uploaded by End_Of_Days
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Comments (14)

2017-02-08 06:48:02 Steppy (Guest)
is there going to a more powerful version? it had a hard time towing some of my tippers. great job tho
2017-02-11 00:05:06 Roylee18 (Guest)
This thing needs some serious optimization. The visual lag is quite excessive. It did clear up a little bit, but was only temporary. Once I slowed down and began turning, the lag increased the slower I went. Only mod I had installed, so not an issue of mod conflicts. Also can use multiple mods or tools in the same area with no visual problems, so not an issue on my end (granted I know my system specs and that it will handle far more than this game can throw at it).
2017-02-11 10:18:01 rober tom (Guest)
this ank your
2017-03-08 04:16:27 Kaden_307
How tf do I download this so I can use it on my Xbox one??? It's really annoying me!!!!
2017-03-15 02:22:09 Zach S (Guest)
Kaden_307 If its not on the mod page on the Xbone you cant get it. These mods are only for PC, I'm fairly sure at least.
2017-03-15 13:56:17 End Of Days (Guest)
Console mods can only be ingame brands. Plus the model itself is too high poly for the console versions to handle. Lole roylee18 said the model needs serious optimization cause of the serious lag. Ive stopped work on the project however.
2017-04-19 16:16:25 rozhen87 (Guest)
<vehicle type="car_dynamicMountAttacher"> fixed tension straps for me
2017-04-26 02:35:47 Grayson (Guest)
How much hp does it have
2017-05-03 07:16:40 TroyJustin
I've been toying with this mod in GE the last few days as I learn to mod. It's probably been my favorite truck to use in game so far however I wanted a flatbed version so I started adding one, which turned in to doing two different flatbeds. I've been able to get the tension straps to work in my version with the flatbed so I'm sure I could figure them out for this regular version too. I'll look in to it, as for the player model going buggy that might still be above my head but I can see if I can figure it out. I like problem solving.
2017-07-16 20:32:38 JAkefromstatefarmf17
end of days your wrong about that only ingame stuff needs a lisence theres john deer mods so your wrong
2017-09-10 17:01:23 KYFarmer
he said for console, such as xbox1 or ps4 etc
2017-09-10 17:03:02 KYFarmer
which actually only mods available on console are ones that giants software releases for consoles
2018-01-30 03:58:45 jj (Guest)
can I put these mods on xbox using a usb though
2018-05-30 16:40:02 Ian Grissom (Guest)
i like the mod grat job

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