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Chevy Silverado 3500HD

Rating: 4/5, based on 47 votes
uploaded 2017-01-08 05:55:00, by End_Of_Days

Chevy Silverado 3500HD

It's a work in progress.

Known issues:
Exterior camera will get stuck under the truck. Sometimes it will happen, other times it wont. Working on a fix.
Brake lights won't work. I hate working with lights in FS17. Buggers are buggy as hell. If anyone has a fix for it please let me know.
Lights flicker in and out at different angles and distances.

Installation is like any other FS17 mod.

If it doesn't show up it might be a mod conflict.

Bcbuhler (model from FS15)
End Of Days (convert to FS17)
Unknown (random parts of the model like tires)


Chevy Silverado 3500HD, 1 photo

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uploaded by End_Of_Days
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Comments (17)

2017-01-08 06:25:27 Thelegend27 (Guest)
This is a really nice looking mod can u please bring to xbox one
2017-01-08 10:08:16 farmerjoe (Guest)
consoles will never have any brands that are not already in the game
2017-01-08 22:01:17 EducatedPenguin
Quit asking about the consoles...they will never happen -_-
2017-01-10 03:02:23 ayyy (Guest)
why would you even get this game for consoles lmao
2017-01-13 01:54:03 Farmer (Guest)
Nice mod
2017-01-13 04:28:11 MrGrinch (Guest)
this truck is awesome. cant wait til its fixed
2017-01-14 21:37:32 mark (Guest)
I'm not here to ask about consoles which to the people that want it as long as you keep asking it wont happen complain to giants software,not the modders anyway... I am here wandering about the ford f150 orange truck on that trailer is it private if not where can I find it?
2017-01-14 21:39:08 mark (Guest)
and also your chevy is great I love everything but the inverted camera
2017-01-16 02:29:40 End Of Days (Guest)
Orange F150 is from Rambow145 I'll be release a fixed version of the chevy soon.
2017-01-24 21:46:25 boss (Guest)
great truck but something is not right with the camera
2017-01-24 22:58:02 End_Of_Days
Camera has been fixed and no longer gets stuck. Still working on some other issues with the truck. I don't feel like release several versions of the truck. I'll release when I get everything fixed.
2017-01-25 02:16:26 SnipeStud00 (Guest)
Hey, End_Of_Days word of advice from one Modder to another. When editing a mod right click in the scene and switch to the camera. Don't work in the Outdoor camera as it'll butcher everything up. If there isn't a camera for editing, create one. It doesn't complicate things.
2017-01-25 02:31:31 SnipeStud00 (Guest)
Forgot to add, the corona issue, that because the are set flat parallel to the tailgate. They need to be angled 45 degrees from the rear to the side. Meaning Instead of this: They need to be like this: l l l l l l ---------------------------------- -------------------------------------- / ------- <-- Corona / <--- Corona 45* each side
2017-01-28 04:38:00 albeeber22 (Guest)
End of Days... Getting close to a finished premium quality mod?
2017-02-04 23:30:33 SSP (Guest)
I have a suggestion - don't upload mods until they're usable and complete with a half-decent camera angle. Starting to just skip over mods when I see your name as the creator.
2017-11-29 21:15:08 caleb (Guest)
its really laggy for me please fix that thanks.
2017-12-27 06:22:26 Tom90
I like this mod , the only issue i have notice is i get some frame rate lag on this truck but other than that this thing is very amazing !

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