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Claas Jaguar 880 Full Pack

Rating: 5/5, based on 25 votes
uploaded 2017-04-24 01:58:00, by rolnik7245

*Full Washable/New dirt skin
*New real textures
*New windows
*Buy Front Twin Wheels
*New driving physics
*Interactive control
*Opening the door
*Indoor sound
*Working Particle System
*Working Moving Parts
*Wipers animation
*Full lights
*Adjusting the steering column
*Speedometer and tachometer
*Dust, tire tracks
*No Log Errors

Package includes:
-Claas Jaguar 880
-Claas Orbis 750
-Claas PickUp 300
-Claas Direct Disc 520

*Please keep original download link.

MB3D Modelling,Marthu,rolnik7245,Pille,Farmi


Claas Jaguar 880 Full Pack, 1 photo

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uploaded by rolnik7245
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Comments (7)

2017-05-21 20:53:39 nathan (Guest)
what trailer is that?
2017-06-22 15:33:37 EireFarmer (Guest)
Why are people giving this mod the tumbs up? Its fukn terrible! The graphics remind me of fs 09. This is the worst silage harvester i have actually seen since i started playing fs....Whoever attempted to make/convert the needs to please stop and try a new hobbie! You could have atleast converted the fs15 version of the 880
2017-06-23 14:04:35 nathan (Guest)
@eirefarmer give them a chance they might be new to this sought of thing
2017-06-24 02:48:32 EireFarmer (Guest)
This is a bad mod and people deserve to know this before downloading, also considering you have to waith 40mins to download it from uploaded, he is also making money. No sympathy here!!! Can't understand how 43 thousand people have downloaded this without making a comment
2017-06-24 02:54:14 EireFarmer (Guest)
And all you wanted to know is what trailer is that? Wel i'll tell you right now, its not a trailer! Do you see that pickup on the front? Yes because some tool is using a silage wagon instead of a trailer
2017-07-02 21:46:16 @EireFarmer (Guest)
Sorry but your just being Really unreasonalbe. Also We use the same kind of Trailers here when running our Silage choppers.... and it works PHENOMENAL . they use them cause the Unload Feature (IRL)
2017-07-03 13:27:52 EireFarmer (Guest)
Unreasonable in what way? I'm entitled to my opinion, freedom of speech i think, unless you live in china or north korea. I dont understand how it can work phenomenal? What sort of a donkey would buy a silage wagon at five or six times the price of a standard double axel trailer, to only use it as a trailer! I dont know where you're from but i think you need to turn off the computer, open the curtains and spend sometime outside, maybe head for the countryside and see how these real farmers operate....PS what unload feature 'eg' magical tailboard opens and grass comes tumbling out!

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