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Follow Me FS17 v

Rating: 4/5, based on 19 votes
uploaded 2017-03-03 19:34:35, by John Der33

Ever wanted to have some vehicles follow you around the map?
With "Follow Me" you can (though not backwards driving).

Changelog (
- Translations updated by contributors.
- Support for baler-and-wrapper combination; FBP 3135 (Kuhn DLC).
- Increased starting distance to 20, from 10.
- Fix for saving/loading distance and offset between savegame-sessions.

Default control keys:
'Myself' is the current vehicle
RIGHT-CTRL F = Toggle 'FollowMe' on/off
RIGHT-CTRL H = Wait/Resume
RIGHT-CTRL W/S = Distance increase/decrease
RIGHT-CTRL A/D = Offset left/right adjust
RIGHT-CTRL X = Offset reset or hold for invert

'Behind' the followed vehicle
RIGHT-SHIFT F = Disengage 'FollowMe'
RIGHT-SHIFT H = Wait/Resume
RIGHT-SHIFT W/S = Distance increase/decrease
RIGHT-SHIFT A/D = Offset left/right adjust
RIGHT-SHIFT X = Offset reset or hold for invert

Decker_MMIV (DCK)


Follow Me FS17 v, 1 photoFollow Me FS17 v, 2 photo

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uploaded by John Der33
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Comments (3)

2017-03-04 18:00:51 Isty (Guest)
Not working ?
2017-08-30 00:36:23 qweqweqweq (Guest)
is there any way to force worker to copy our moves? like raise implement or fold/unfold implement?
2018-11-29 01:50:31 machman23
plz put this on fs19

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