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Ponsse Buffalo with autoload and loading aid v 1.3

Rating: 3/5, based on 8 votes
uploaded 2018-03-02 10:49:30, by John Der33

Version 1.3
Normal and long version selectable via the wheel configuration
Added color picker

- The front end was made a little heavier
- Hint the track was widened a bit
- He got an extra charge
- It can load logs from 2m - 20m
- He has got the autoload script and additionally a loading help below or left side. If you want to load different lengths and the lower loading aid is hidden you can continue to use the side.
- The power was increased to 486hp, the tank capacity to 444l and the speed to 40km / h
- To load help: If you want to load 8m long logs you have to move it with the right mouse button so that you can see the 8m on the tail lift. If you want to load 15m long logs you have to move them with the right mouse button so that you see 15-16m at the tailgate. Then you start the autoload, before of course still select the right loading page (left or right).

Autoload Start / Stop B
Autoload page (left / right) O
Autoload unloading X
Loading aid below V
Loading aid left G

Modell: GIANTS Software Edit by getsome2030Textur: GIANTS Software Edit by getsome2030Script: AutoloadWood by Marhu - fcelsa, LightAddon Grisu118 -, universalToggleParts v1.0 by SatyIdee / Konzept: Tester:Sonstige: Ladehilfe: Polofreak211

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uploaded by John Der33
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