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Canadian National 10 Final

Rating: 4/5, based on 17 votes
uploaded 2017-09-10 19:57:49, by renebqc

Canadian National 10 Final

- fixed fuel sell locations, fence at port slurry and manure sell point, new signs at rafinery.
- new pictures.

Just replace this file with the existing one to resume started game.

Thank you.


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uploaded by renebqc
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Comments (14)

2017-09-10 23:09:22 wheelchairman36
Are we supposed to unload digestate at the refinery? I used the same equipment shown and cannot unload.. If we don't then what do we do with all the digestate???????
2017-09-11 02:52:57 dmac4w (Guest)
the cow manure has issues when you try to load it
2017-09-11 23:36:17 Mabbe7
Ne peut-être joué en multijoueur = écran noir. We cant play this map in multiplayer = black screen.
2017-09-13 01:25:34 wheelchairman36
Need to be able to sell the Digestate.
2017-09-16 06:56:29 DakotaFarmer (Guest)
Is there a place on the map where you can make pallets?? Thanks !
2017-09-16 19:26:53 antoine (Guest)
bonjour jai un probleme avec le fumier je ne peut pas le récupérer car le bunker de l'ensilage et trop pres et ensuite quand jessaye de ramasser avec un chargeur ca ne marche pas car il y a une bande devant et un gros tas deriere du coup mon chargeur reste en equilibre sur la premiere bande comment puis je faire
2017-09-16 19:28:45 antoine (Guest)
je repond a dakotafarmer oui les palette tu peut les fabriqué au port juste derriere la pompe a essence
2017-09-17 07:18:07 dan (Guest)
how do you collect fruit from the fruit trees
2017-09-17 18:20:20 antoine (Guest)
a droite des serres tu peut fabriquer des fruit le long de la route il y a 2 fabric de fruit il faut juste de l'eau et composte
2017-09-17 18:22:30 antoine (Guest)
pour les palettes c'est a coté des serres faut d'abord faire des planches et apres les apporter pour fabriquer les palettes
2017-09-21 02:40:52 wheelchairman36
FPS is so bad when using the train it makes it useless. I think it is the bright red color because always worked fine until changed.
2017-09-25 16:01:16 renebqc
I started reviewing this map today, I will do my best to get it done by friday.
2017-09-25 17:00:20 George (Guest)
Love your maps, but when will you fix issues on the Canadian Prairies Ultimate for us playing on it, please?
2017-09-26 15:34:10 renebqc
the ultimate is next,

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