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Canadian National 10.1 seasons

Rating: 3/5, based on 12 votes
uploaded 2017-09-09 18:34:00, by renebqc

Canadian National 10.1 seasons

new: new train, carwash, seed and fertilizer production, correction of reported issues and some improvements.

It will work with version 10 but some foliage like grass will show in certain area until a new game is started 

thank you.

Donation: PayPal.Me/renebqc


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uploaded by renebqc
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Comments (6)

2017-09-10 01:19:46 battlecommander (Guest)
awesome map, 99% of my mods works, no issues. keep up the good work
2017-09-10 07:20:08 Dan (Guest)
excellent map !!! trying to give water to pigs nothing happens ... any idea ?? thanks
2017-09-10 08:05:51 wheelchairman36
Still cannot unload digestate at refinery no matter what I use.
2017-09-10 08:09:28 squid3083
I'm Dan forget about my message lol wrong map !!
2017-09-10 14:33:48 renebqc
I used the joskin modulo2 that comes with the game and hit the R key to start loading the slurry, I think you are using the fuel output which requires tanker to load, in the testing process I found that the fuel sell point were not working properly. I will correct the fuel problem and change the product cards
2017-09-10 19:21:21 renebqc
Version 10 final was just uploaded.. it will be available shortly. Fixed remaining problems. thank you all.

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