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Canadian National 10.3 Seasons

Rating: 4/5, based on 9 votes
uploaded 2017-09-27 03:03:01, by renebqc

Canadian National V 10.3

cow water trigger replaced, bakery modified, fixed fruit hops , sale point for digestste is  "port slurry" now, cow manure fixed...

If you use this file with a started game, it will reset cow water to zero and all products at bakery are lost.



Canadian National 10.3 Seasons, 1 photo

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uploaded by renebqc
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Comments (6)

2017-09-27 10:12:33 MJS (Guest)
Loaded up the map tonight, Like the new layout. Been a long time since I played on this map. My only issue with this map is the same thing I mentioned last time (several months ago). You are placing way too many fuel triggers / gas stations and now the same with the seed / fertilizer fill points are everywhere. Its too much. Seriously. You only need maybe 2 seed / fert refill spots and same for gas stations, only 2 max since the refinery is there. Better off making your own fuel. The rest is just wasted space. There is also a hole in the road that has been there since the beginning of the map. I still rate this a 4/5 tho.
2017-09-27 21:36:04 dmac4w (Guest)
love your work...especially the harvesters...well done!!...and thanks for finally fixing the manure,it's been messed up since version 1...keep up the great work!....PEACE!
2017-09-28 00:47:32 wheelchairman36
Always loved the layout but trains for me are unusable because that bright red kills my FPS. To bad we can't sell them, Would be big bucks in scrap.
2017-09-28 04:29:12 renebqc
you want the old train back?
2017-09-28 06:23:30 MJS (Guest)
I like the idea of CN trains, but they are not that red lol. There is alot of black on them. I see the CN trains every day. I personally do not use the trains at all on any map.
2017-09-28 10:00:44 MJS (Guest)
renebqc I have a serious question, Did you actually fully test every aspect of this map? I already know the answer. No you didnt. Not trying to be an ass but it has issues. Cows - Can't properly clean up the mess they make as there is some invisible collision that prevents buckets from scooping, Fuel sell points are missing some textures, then there is the above issues (hole in the road and over use of triggers). I havent gotten to the pigs yet or any forestry work. I think you need help with testing, really bad.

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