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Rating: 4/5, based on 55 votes
uploaded 2018-06-01 09:59:26, by Rain

V1.0.0.7 - Reloaded
- Fermenting Master Display Fix
- Lamb breeding, milk tank corrected wrong text
- Collision of the water tanks at the tomato greenhouses fixed
- Fricke pallet filling system, missing l10n text fixed in biogas

New features / changes:
- Liquid fertilizer added to the price overview
- Productions run again as in version, the set game speed is considered again.
(to prevent errors that can come through the Fast Forward Mod, the productions are considered only up to 120x,
that means you can spool with 12000x but the productions only wind up to 120x.)
- Animals can graze the pasture they are on. The grass then appears in the feeding trough
(Note: Only works with the animals based on the standard, this function is optional and
needs the "" in the modfolder.
This must be downloaded separately. Since it is an optional mod you can do it but it does not have
If you do not like it, just leave the zip.
- SeedMaster completely renewed, this now produces seed BigBags, for the production of liquid fertilizer is no longer needed
but seed stain in the IBC container, the stain is available in the Farmshop.
- With Map Version I also provide you with a slightly redesigned Start Vehicle Pack, where mainly UAL extensions were made.
(You may not have to load it)

StartVehicle Pack V1.0.0.7
Bucher Platform Pack

- UAL extension for foil bales

Old Tank Trailer (Platform Config)
- UAL and load extension, expanded by egg cartons, barrels and foil square bales

Fliegl Rear Deck
- UAL installed with current cargo

StartVehicle Pack V1.0.0.6
- Version number skipped so that the map and the vehicle pack have the same version number

Farmer Andy



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uploaded by Rain
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Comments (11)

2018-06-02 02:06:08 TOMMY28 (Guest)
still very laggy... :/
2018-06-05 05:51:42 toni9
very good map !!! but the stick was in the saddle with the jerks and in the piggyback 15-20 fps if you can correct the part and I think the map would be very good.
2018-06-07 00:06:03 ken (Guest)
great map...need the start pack to be put on share mods as the download from UPLOADED is 3 hours long and corrupted..5 times tried to download and failed every time at just under 3 hours...sooo bloody annoying..
2018-06-21 06:52:22 pryde64 (Guest)
I getting warning that missing mod where do I find this mod to download please
2018-06-23 00:00:20 holy
2018-06-26 20:09:48 Farmer (Guest)
best Map, thanks
2018-06-27 05:43:58 me (Guest)
The sheeps (their spelling not mine) don't work right. Doesn't show the animals I bought, the water I filled for them, the straw or the grass. FIX THIS! Butter factory doesn't work. TMR silo isn't right. The fill for TMR from mixer wagon doesn't go down when filling into trough. Nice edit of GCV.
2018-06-28 19:45:45 Ivakis_Solo (Guest)
"ME" all the thing you listed are working just fine in my game so I asume it's some mod you have or just a buggy game.
2018-07-05 10:30:44 Farmer_BoB
Hi there guys.. i did a quick review on this map, as well as a full review, really hope you enjoy it.. here is the link........ be sure to check the full review as well under my playlist.. take care.. Farmer BoB
2018-07-31 23:14:19 james (Guest)
man its def a cool map but guess there is just too much going on , i usually never have any lag but for some reason this map lags if you have more than 5 vehicles in the main farm , sure wish i could play it but its just way to much lag
2018-10-04 20:09:02 Benji (Guest)
A very unique Map, i like it very much, for me its the best map for FS17. But like the others said, its too laggy. I hope there will be a fixed version.

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