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Mustang Valley Ranch Map v 2.0

Rating: 5/5, based on 3 votes
uploaded 2017-07-15 19:53:18, by John Der33

Mustang Valley Ranch. Try your hand at a large american farm and a extremely rare piece of property. large fields to harvest crops or hay as well as feed and raise cows, pigs, sheep, Use money to buy bigger and better vehicles and implements, Mustang Valley Ranch has it all. changelog fixed pig food.


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uploaded by John Der33
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Comments (2)

2017-07-16 18:37:25 Houses? (Guest)
where does anyone live? There's ONE house... and it doesn't even belong to the main farm. Nice map.... but add some residential homes. make it believable.
2017-08-28 17:31:20 ShootyMcShootface (Guest)
Great Map, both starting fields for Corn into Chaff harvesting for BGA operations, and then mower setup for grass wrapping into bales for silage - THERE IS PLENTY PLENTY FREE GRASS!!. I sell the 1.5m bales at the red barn top left side of the map just below the cow ranch so can confirm there is straw/ bale selling point. This combo I find the most cash coming in until I can buy the other fields for Animal husbandry eventually. The drop-off trigger points at Silo's for V5 of courseplay work well tested this on overloading, harvesting, BGA dropoffs, ploughing and seeding. Slow speed and small width equipment yearn to be upgraded quickly due to the vastness of the fields. Its just the resetting of equipment resets your assets in the most random spot in a cow field further north from your farm, quite a trek to go and get it, only issue I have. But awesome JOB!

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