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OGF USA MAP 2018 v 3.0

Rating: 4/5, based on 7 votes
uploaded 2018-07-11 19:22:51, by Cruise

Version 3
- Futtermixer
- Tore

This map contains all the features of the LS 17
- This map has additional fruits = rye, oats, spelled, etc
- The chopped straw mod was installed
- The Fabirc script was also installed.
- Milk trigger to take away the milk itself. The sale takes place at the Koeger market in the city
- There are 4 farms. 1 The main farm for cows. 2. The BGA 3. The Scheinehof. Here you can produce pig feed. 4. Soutforkranch from the series Dallas, chickens, sheep and horses.
- On the main farm you can make your own seed and your own fertilizer.
- The main courtyard also contains a grain dryer. Here you can dry wheat, gesture and corn.
- The main courtyard also contains a fermenting silo and a feed mixing plant.
- The Stand Coldwater is in reality. Some houses were created on a real model.
- The map does not support the Seasons Mod.
- There are several unloading points.
- The map has different sized fields, 27 pcs.
- There is a placeable area at the main courtyard. Here you can place your own placeble objects. A smaller area can be found on the Soutforkranch.
- Altogether over 350 new houses and objects were installed.
- There are huge forests and of course a small sawmill
- There is an airport, a golf course, there is a non-wheeled train on the map and there are several ways to store fruits.

Frontier, Marhu, Blacksheep, kevink98, Lancyboy, ccs101


OGF USA MAP 2018 v 3.0, 1 photoOGF USA MAP 2018 v 3.0, 2 photoOGF USA MAP 2018 v 3.0, 3 photo

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uploaded by Cruise
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Comments (11)

2018-07-12 08:18:51 Mike (Guest)
Season built myself and just like GMKFC with right value
2018-07-12 09:16:21 me (Guest)
Why did the map maker hack up a Harley Davidson logo for their map? Just Why?
2018-07-16 01:55:34 kevin (Guest)
hi m8, your map is beautifull but still the same issue as the previous edition, at certain places on the farms the camera zooms in realy fast for no obvious reason, im not a creator but if you could fix that you have a top rated map, for example at the pig farm north exit you have a shed at the right side before you exit, on that corner the camera zooms in like your driving under something but i can see what, i tied looking in dev mode to see if could see something that the camera collides with but i didnt find it m8. hope you can fix this soon because i would love to play your map but i just cant now because im afraid i get epilepsy from it ^^ anyway keep up the great work and i hope to see a fix soon or a reply. kind regards.
2018-07-16 07:30:33 Tommy (Guest)
Same as Kevin camera goes all funky in same corner of building but I was wondering if it’s possible with this map to make it all flat I like playing this map it’s just to confusing for my son to keep track where he is other then that I loved this map in fs2015 keep up the good work 👌
2018-07-16 09:15:21 kevin (Guest)
hi tommy, it seems i have the issue on the main farm aswel, mostly near buildings and near lampposts, any mor experiences from you on the map? the more we can put here the easyer its gonna be for the devs to fix the issue. kind regards.
2018-07-16 11:01:44 Kevin (Guest)
Love the map, but i think that the main farm is to big and to wide. probably make it smaller and then its great!
2018-07-17 23:39:45 Tommy (Guest)
Kevin not really that iv come across so far iv mostly been trying out the fields and how they handle with auto workers some are ok minis the one with the hydro tower. One thing I do miss from this map is the gba feeding system I think it was it makes me want to download fs2015 and play it again.
2018-08-01 03:58:49 zombiehuntersinc
This is a very nice map. But it needs some attention! As the other comments reflect and those along with a few other issues that hurts this map from being a really great map. I have a few likes and dislikes. Likes.....The layout is very good, the variety of buildings, traffic, people and other objects placed on the map are very well thought out and placed they give more of a real feeling to the map play! something more than plowing a field or cutting trees! And yes I know it's "Farming Simulator" the maps that are just a farm or just trees aren't very true to normal farming towns. Now the dislikes...…..the parking area for the vehicle/implement market is too small, there's some of the textures around the map that is terrible also it would be nice if all the grass areas could be cut with lawnmowers and tractors, it would also be nice to have some of the dirt farm roads with muddy areas the deep messy kind of mud not that lame pig pen mud that can be done with the roller, there's not enough placeable area's around the map to place signs, lights and other placeable objects, the city hall could use some attention inside the building, the car dealership is kinda redundant since cars and trucks are only purchased at the market, the car dealership is ok but it should at least be placed in a single parking area with the main vehicle market, and lastly there's not enough animated objects......I don't know if it's possible but it would be nice to have the building and shop area doors animated on the main market and also the shipping warehouse, auto dealership, fire station and the old building next to the fire station. I hope we see some improvements soon.
2018-08-31 12:47:56 kevin (Guest)
anyone found a sollution for this issue of the camera flash zooming in and out? i tried without mods and with the no colllision mod nothing seems to work, i seen people on youtube playing this map with no issues with the camera and i would like to know what causes it cause the map looks very good to me and i would love to start playing it but when the camera flashes in and out its like getting smacked in the face with a tracktor all the time ;--) thx in advance, great mod
2018-10-15 04:49:59 spit (Guest)
this map just crashed with anything over 20 mods
2019-05-21 18:50:12 Antone65
HI you guys, How are you guys playing this map!!! Ive downloaded every version with the same results!!! Just drive anything down FIELD 4 see what happens, near the left edge of the field!!! WHAM, Crashes every time, completely blacks my computer, have to restart the computer!! Either fix it or scrap the map, UNPLAYABLE!!!!

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