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Robillard Flats Farm Version 2 less productions

Rating: 3/5, based on 9 votes
uploaded 2018-08-26 17:34:49, by jimsgamestreams

Robillard Flats is a real farm in Vermont. Built in 1908 by George Metcalf, Guy and Helen Robillard bought the farm in 1960 (there were other owners in between) followed by their son and his wife, Bernard and Denise Robillard. The round barn burned on August 23 2016 It was sad to see the photos of it burning as a little bit of history was lost. I was asked if I knew how to make a map and I only played around in the editor but this is my first full map build so please be kind if you notice something not quite right. The map is error free with a clean log thanks to Maverick the creator of Mavericks Multifuit map a massive map with many of the same things mine has. You should look him up if you have not already played his map. As well as BDBSSB the creator of the Westbridge map and many great placeable mods some of which are used in my own map. Check out his mods at his website
As for the map itself it is a 4x multifruit with a lot of different crops. It also has Advanced Animals on a second stand alone farm. Grazing Animals mod installed, Mud and Chopped straw installed as well as the water trough addon that you own from the start.
There are close to 50 different palleted good you can create. Most of which are in a industial park and all the products have product names of things made in Vermont so if your from New England you might know them.
The seasons mask is installed and ready to be used. JohnnyHughes in my discord has made a custom GEO for Vermont specifically for this map. Thank you Johnny for taking the time to do this for the map.
There are 41 fields ranging from 1.026 ha to 148.327 ha. I have started you off with all the needed equipment but you will need more with a lot of horsepower to make it over some of the fields as Vermont is not a flat state so my map is terraformed and some field on the mountain are very steep.
There are also 3 forestry sections and in the mix of trees are larger ones that will need a special harvester you can find on many mod sites.
Due to the size of this map as well as the many many crops you may have lag and lower frame rates. I built this on my gaming pc so those with lower end pc's may have fps issues. This is a new version so a new save will be required. You can also have both maps in your mod folder at the same time.
So enjoy the map and please report any problems to me via my Discord channel or through my facebook page I will not answer them here.
Recommended Mods
PONSSE MAMMUT SCORPION V 1.0 (This will cut the bigger trees but be prepaired these are big and very heavy trees)
Included in the zip file:
Stop Milk sale (milk auto sells each night and you should save it for productions)
ANIMAL TABLE MANNERS is a must have.
Placeable milk trigger 2 for the advanced animals milk.( place it near the cows2 barn on the second farm to be able to get thier milk)
Do not upload this map to any site without my express permission. I will request it removed if you do. This second version is only uploaded to if found anywhere else other then my facebook or discord please report it as it was stolen.
James Wagner

Credits: Author James Wagner from Jims game streams.
I would like to thank renebqc from for giving me permission to use his map as the foundation for mine. I would also like to thank the modders at for the scripts that help make this happen and all the modders out there whos mods, buildings and textures you see in the map. There are way to many to list and I am sure if you have read this and looked around on the map you may see your work. Thank you all for letting me use your work my only changes for the most part are color changes with only a few mods being rebuilt a little different. Most of all I would like to thank all those working with me to find erros and bugs and JohnnyHughes for working on the season and GEO file for the map.
Error free log as tested with no other mods installed.

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uploaded by jimsgamestreams
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Comments (8)

2018-08-28 17:02:43 jimsgamestreams
hmmm something was lost in the description. there are not 50 palleted goods in this map this one has 13 or 14 i would have to go re-count them.
2018-08-30 02:02:53 simon (Guest)
great map but can you tell me where the pototoe washers are located
2018-08-30 03:01:33 jimsgamestreams
potatoes are only used for pig food or to sell on this version of the map.
2018-08-30 03:32:44 simon (Guest)
ah ok just that i see sell prices for staemed pototoes and washed
2018-09-03 13:08:38 gordieboyalan
can anyone tell me is the Robillard flat map multi player
2018-09-04 00:42:37 jimsgamestreams
yes the map is mp and private server ready
2018-10-20 22:47:12 NEFarmer (Guest)
This is hands down one of the best if not the best map I have played. I went to this guys discord page and there is a even better version and I saw he is building a whole new map. I suggest checking his discord out this guy does awesome work. Keep up the great work man.
2018-11-06 01:41:44 jimsgamestreams
Thanks for the feedback NEF

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