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Farming Simulator 17 – Economy

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uploaded 2016-10-21 18:06:18, by Admin

Do you know about great features coming with Farming Simulator 17 which will soon be in the market this October? Yes, this post is centered on the possible economy expected for this farming simulator game. So, you will be sure of knowing more about the basic economy, major selling points, the animal breeding Fields and mission system, vehicle aging and even the income gotten from in the sales, when you go through this post.

Farming Simulator 17 Basic Economy

One of the areas where Farming Simulator 17 is similar to the Farming simulator 15 is in the basic economy. The financial menu of this game contains information about possible things that can be sold and the price of the items. The indications you need to know about the financial menu are as follows:

  • Green Arrow – Upward movement of price

  • Red Arrow – Download movement of price

  • Blue – Indicate high demand for a particular item. This often happened when there is competition between unloading stations which may result to a particular station detecting urgent need for a particular commodity. When peak demands commence, you will be notified and you can find the current demand in the price menu.

  • Green - Price is extremely good now at the location.

  • Red – Price is quite low at this particular location now.

There is always change in the price of the commodities daily and that usually follows demands and supply rules. You can determine the price of your item by choosing what to deliver and the price of the item.

The Major Selling Points of Farming Simulator 17

Some o the main selling points for this Farming Simulator 17 include:

  • Denton Bakery

  • Barn

  • Goldcrest Pacific Grain

  • Gomez Ridge Acres

  • Maplefield Mill

  • MacLean Biogas plant

  • Mary’s Farm

  • Spinnery Wright Agribusiness

  • Stanton Sawmill.

You can sell virtually all produced in any of these points.

Some of the Farming Produced That Can Be Sold In the Market

The sellable goods in Farming Simulator 17 are:

  • Soybean

  • Wheat

  • Corn

  • Canola

  • Barley

  • Slurry

  • Sugar beets

  • Potatoes

  • Grass

  • Hay

  • Silage

The Animal Breeding, Vehicles, Mission System and Fields

You are not only going to sell animal to make money but also sell their produced things. But you must make sure you take good care of your animal. Vehicle aging is another newly added feature in Farming Simulator 17. For that reason, players will have to pay maintenance fee daily for their vehicle. So, you need to be critical and rational in your thinking to know when to sell old vehicles to replace with new ones to void high maintenance cost. This game involves maps ad fields owned by computer and you can reduce the price of the field by working for the owner. You will be provided with the tools you need to work on the field which will enhance your relationship and also make you to earn while you reduce the cost of the field for you.


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