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Kotte Universal Pack Higher Capacity

Rating: 5/5, based on 11 votes
uploaded 2017-01-06 21:55:52, by Vecjl86

Here is the Kotte Universal Pack for FS 17 (filesize 79 Mb)

The pack contains 10 items. Here is a listing with all the items.
Below listed items are for all liquids except fuel

Truck MAN 3 axle
Capacity: 50.000 ltr
Price: € 97.000,- dailykeep: € 240,-

transport tank to be attached to tractor
Capacity: 2.000 ltr
Price: € 1.000,- dailykeep € 5,-

1 axle trailer for use with tractor
Capacity: 15.000 ltr
Price: € 25.000,- dailykeep: € 15,-

2 axle trailer for use with tractor
Capacity: 30.000 ltr
Price: € 50.000,- dailykeep € 250,-

3 axle trailer for use with tractor
Capacity: 50.000 ltr
Price: € 102.000,- dailykeep € 700,-

3 axle Semi trailer for use with truck
Capacity: 70.000 ltr
Price: € 110.000,- dailykeep € 107,-

Storage tank small for IT-Runner
Capacity: 50.000 ltr
Price: € 35.000,- dailykeep € 28,-

Storage tank big for use with tractor
Capacity: 200.000 ltr
Price: € 50.000,- dailykeep € 42,-

***** Fuel ******
Fueltank for use with tractor
Capacity: 42.500 ltr
Price: € 80.000,- dailykeep € 80,-

All credits go to Farmer Andy
Modification by Rolam

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uploaded by Vecjl86
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Comments (7)

2017-01-07 00:09:02 Rifoch (Guest)
on ne peut toujours pas remplir la citerne du Man dans une rivière. dommage...
2017-01-07 04:08:16 O__o (Guest)
Link mod:
2017-01-07 04:13:13 SavageMkII
Don't encourage this crap. Download the real Kotte Universal Pack from farmer_Andy, and if you want more capacity, unzip the file, open the xml for the trailer you want to change, find the line that says fillUnits, and change the number, then zip it back up. It's easy. We don't need all these stupid simple mod adjustments cluttering up mod sites, and these guys certainly don't deserve to benefit from someone else's work.
2017-01-07 05:02:03 Bloopsys (Guest)
Savage, you are absolutely right. I've been doing this for years, but you have to understand that there are so many players that are not as computer savvy as you and I. And since we are talking about this mod, is there any way to make the MAN truck be used just like the single tank trailers (fill with water and fill the water troughs for cows, for instance)? I can't seem to get that done
2017-01-07 11:22:41 Vecjl86
@SavageMKII Isn't it what you do also, uploading mods from others??? Why all the negative energie? I agree with you that we don't agree. But nice of you to look at the file and to download it. Love you and keep the negative fibes comming. :-)
2017-01-07 11:27:43 Vecjl86
Oh ja here is the correct link,
2017-02-10 12:59:57 Alex (Guest)
Can we load water with the truck? Because it had no water trigger, or something like that.

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