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48583 downloads 106.03 MB 16 comments

Claas Xerion 5000 Pack

Rating: 4/5, based on 63 votes
uploaded 2016-11-19 01:22:19, by rolnik7245

Panel IC  
Additional Weights
Dual Wheels
Greenstar mod
Wipers animation
Steering wheel options
Full lighting
Registration tractor
Darker dynamic smoke
Speedometer and tachometer
Dust, tire tracks

The archive contains 2 versions of the tractor Claas Xerion 5000 for FS 2017.

After downloaded, extract the contents of the file.

Keep my download link.

Sotillo,Smety,MB3D moddeling,Lukas Dental,rolnik7245,JDFan


Claas Xerion 5000 Pack, 1 photo

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uploaded by rolnik7245
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Comments (16)

2016-11-19 12:14:41 krema (Guest)
bonjour a toi a vérifier car petit problème quand on veux l'acheter a bientôt krema
2016-11-19 12:49:41 harry (Guest)
file ist corupt not multieplyer
2016-11-25 14:40:28 b (Guest)
waste of time with download site
2016-11-25 23:40:47 Saitama
Pity, that file host is literally cancer, I refuse to wait that long JUST to try your mod, you lost my vote.
2016-12-08 15:45:09 tlrgg (Guest)
pity, I really would like to use this tractor but, since you chose to use that pain-in-a$$ DL site, it's one less DL credit you'll get and one less vote. That site is a virus
2016-12-19 15:59:59 SomeFarmer (Guest)
Yeah,, no thanks. I don't care if it's the whole Class fleet, I'm not clicking that crap again
2017-01-01 07:32:47 tim121672
upload will not work , I'm familiar with upload and have used it often but this will not download, must be a problem somewhere
2017-01-01 09:22:08 MetalDragon (Guest)
Sorry but wont use that DL site why any modders still upload there is beyond me
2017-01-01 10:30:43 Vecjl86
I agree with MetalDragon
2017-01-02 14:27:27 Raimosrii (Guest)
please fic this for multiplayer? didnt try but someone said in comments this dont work there
2017-01-04 19:57:47 Martin (Guest)
NOT RECOMMENDED, browse on, don't be fooled by the screenshot and description. Link is a link to a link to a link before download.. SPAM SPAM SPAM,, exploiting people. actual download is 106 mb, and not really well developed at all.
2017-01-13 09:01:12 7up (Guest)
I'd love to try this mod but definitely not downloading it from
2017-01-22 22:07:54 seth294 (Guest) is a virus site don't download from there
2017-02-19 17:06:14 jackkend (Guest)
Why are people still using this upload site?
2017-02-19 22:24:54 Unknown_User (Guest)
Because is bad, i uploaded it for you here: Please Admin upload your files on an other host. Thanks!
2017-03-14 14:15:10 Lawson (Guest)
Need claas on Xbox one

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