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CLAAS Xerion v 1.0

Rating: 3/5, based on 15 votes
uploaded 2018-03-08 21:22:09, by John Der33

Manufacturer: CLAAS
Model: Xerion
Production: 2014 -
Standard engine: Mercedes Benz / OM 470 LA , Tier 4
Powershift gear: CMATIC - ZF Eccom 5.0 (CVT)
Max speed: 50 km/h

– wheel : standard
– rim color : red, silver, black
– body color : green, white, black
– engine : 4000, 4500, 5000
– max speed 50 km/h
– rear and front hydraulic, rear with pto
– front work, rear work and highbeam light
- interactive control
- cab suspension
- dynamic hoses supported
- passanger supported

Smety (CMT)

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uploaded by John Der33
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Comments (17)

2018-03-09 05:42:54 Rx1966
i downloaded this tractor. it looks good, scaled correctly, operates as expected, basic interior, plows/cultivates @ 7 mph. sowes @ 9 mph.. I tested this tractor hooked to (Big Bud Pak) Agrisem 8m Cultiplow, the tractor pulled/handle it fine..- hired AI mode, the tractor will leave two rows (before tail end of field) un cultivated/seeded.
2018-03-09 07:13:29 Mike (Guest)
Lachhaft hat ja noch nichtmal eine Zulassung geschweige realen sound typisch Giants nichts bekommen se hin. Freu mich auf die Gamescom wenn Gaints da ist dann werde ich den erst mal erzählen was Falsch an der ganzen LS Reihe ist. Haben keine Ahnung von der Landwirtschaft (Siehe Texturen) Ich weis genau das LS19 ein Flop wird und sich vom Aussehen sowie andere Funktionen nicht unterscheiden tut von LS15/LS17. Bleibe lieber bei Cattle and Crops.
2018-03-09 11:24:13 Stefan01 (Guest)
Huck........ die ahnungslose Blitzbirne hat gesprochen
2018-03-09 13:02:48 LOL (Guest)
Mike, are you really that dumb? FS is light years ahead of cattle and crops, and when FS19 does come out, cattle and crops will look like a horrible, ancient game. FS has always been the best, and it shows. I invite you to look at the sales of the FS franchise online, compared to the number of sales to that shitty "cattle and crops". Also, at least FS functions mostly normally. Sure, FS has some bugs, but they're nothing when you compare it to the infestation that is cattle and crops. It's always a good laugh to see people who are dumb enough to think cattle and crops will ever overtake FS as the undisputed leader. It's never gonna happen. And in case you haven't noticed, Horsch made it's deal with FS exclusive, which means no other farming game can ever use their brand, end of story. That evidence alone proves what I'm saying as correct, Horsch sees that FS is indeed the best, and always will be. P.S. This is to all of the other people who posted Xerion mods here hosted on This is how you make a Xerion, and do it properly. The file size is MUCH smaller, working better in-game. It's hosted on the FS site, meaning it's a direct download, easy for everyone.
2018-03-09 14:08:43 Mike (Guest)
LS ist vorbei die schafen es ja noch nicht mal richtige Texturen reinzubringen. Seid wann wird der boden nur dunkel wenn ich mit oder Gülle raushaue (lachhaft) Kein Fahrzeug hat eine Zulassung von Giants. Die Fruchttexturen oh oh oh seid wann ist Mais komplett gelb guckz euch den Standard mist doch mal an. Das ist nichts ist das keine Veränderung in Ls15 war es ja genau so und das beweist das se keine Ahnung haben ich sitze schon Jahre lang in Claas. Kein Wunder das Claas die Licenz LS nicht gibt und sie wären auch blöd wenn se die für LS19 geben. Da können zich kommentare drauf kommen ist mir egal. Denn alle meine Mods haben kenzeichen und realen Sound so Giants und jetzt DU! Hauptsache DLC raushauen die sau teuer sind für so ein schlechtes gamLS is OVER!!!!! und zu Stefan01 die Blitzbirnen seid Ihr. Gaints entwickelt sich nicht weiter schaut euch ls15 an und dann ls17 was ist dann neu? ja toll das mit den Trögen ja hammer hätte ein Addon für 15 gereicht und ich freue mich auch auf die Gamescom den Affen ersdt mal was ubewr die Landwirtschaft zu erzählen damit se wissen wie einiges aussieht ( kloppis die)
2018-03-09 14:13:56 Mike (Guest)
und sicherlich ist mit LS schluss wenn LS Horsch nicht hätte wäre schon lange schluss warum glaube ich muss ich wohl nicht sagen (Sponsoren) glaubt mal an euren Low Badged scheiss weiter ( ganz laut lach )
2018-03-09 14:20:55 Jens (Guest)
Cattle and Crops lässt sich wenigstens Zeit mit der entwicklung und haut nicht alle zwei Jahre immer eine neue Version raus XD. Hier sind ja diskusionen oh oh. ich kann mich dran erinnern in der LS15 verion nach 14 Tage Realase der erste Patch ganz laut lach. Einfach mal mehr zeit lassen und dann wirds auch. Ls17 habe ich nach einer Woche wieder zurück gehen lassen da ich auch kein unterschied zu ls15 gesehen habe. Das geilste ja immer die Flachen Böden das sa aus oh oh. Für Cattle and Crops brauche man nun mal ein Leistungsstärkeren Rechner logisch aber LS schaffe ich mit win 98 XD
2018-03-09 14:23:47 Major (Guest)
Cattle and Crops ist um längen auch besser der Meinung bin ich auch. Lasst se doch wie wurde geschrieben Low Badged spielen :D meine Meinung
2018-03-09 15:27:33 Fools... (Guest)
Fine, stick to your inferior game, and if you don't believe FS is better, take a look at this 100% real, in-game screenshot of FS19: That completely destroys cattle and crops, end of story. IF cattle and crops ever looks like that, then, and only then, will they ever have even a SLIGHT chance of coming anywhere close to Giants. Also regarding your comment about bugs like crazy in the first month of release, did you forget just how bad cattle and crops was? A literal infestation of bugs. Either you forgot that fact, or are completely ignorant to it. And when the brands of FS19 are fully announced, and if Claas is there, I'll remember to have a nice laugh in spite of you fools. It's hilarious that you think cattle and crops is anywhere close to beating FS, but I guess as the old saying goes "You can't fix stupid."
2018-03-09 16:25:41 Mia (Guest)
I've already seen a trailer of ls19 and if you think that ls19 in game looks like that you put on the pants with the pincers! It will never look like this Watch the trailer Ls17 and? does ingame look like this? I do not think so
2018-03-09 18:52:13 @Mia (Guest)
Well, you can say what you like, but have you actually seen FS19 yet? Have you played it? You have not. Only Giants has. And they wouldn't lie about an in-game screenshot, that's just bad marketing. So yes, I can see you are in denial, all we can do is wait until FS19 comes out, and then you can see for yourself that I am right. I'll be remembering you when I first play FS19, and remember that I was right and you were wrong. I clearly can't convince you, but seeing the actual game can, so keep an eye out for actual gameplay by other people, where you will be proved wrong.
2018-03-09 21:15:44 Rx1966
and you penile kids can harp about FS all day - fact of the matter is your actually a dumb ass, and their is No Mod that can fix that. Farming Simulator is the standard of which All Farming Games & Mods existed. the only game I know that comes complete with a Modding For Dummies Book, thus encourages one to Mod the game per their wants and needs. I have Not had to update my PC for the Farming Simulator Series. I have been playing FS since 2013, tweaking Mods since 2015. Crops & Cattle is like smoking spice (instead of the Real shit) its truly made for dummies by even dumber dummies. you saw a CGI trailer for the upcoming FS19..and you base all your "know it all'ism" on that? this MOD CLAAS Xerion V1.0 im glad its here on Modland and its download link is Modland. that shows integrity for this site and the people who enjoy Mods from this site. and it don't matter - what the next comment will be - you only argue, because you feel smart doing it. but that's too much feeling for Men..Men do out of purpose, and principle - women do out of "feelings" stop pretending to be a girl around men - sissy boy
2018-03-09 22:11:51 Mia (Guest)
2018-03-09 22:52:06 @Rx1966 (Guest)
Good, at least you have some common sense and agree that FS is the best, end of story. It's pretty funny how these people think they know everything, isn't it? Good to know that there is another person in this comment section that has some common sense, so thanks.
2018-03-10 02:55:36 Trucky (Guest)
Don't usually get involved in weeing(pissing) contests but just thought I would throw in this comment. I bought into cattle n crops when it first came out, looked great , sounded great then they released it . Looked terrible, sounded terrible so I did all the things they said n downloaded n modified etc. after 6mths no real improvement After 9mths ????. In the mean time I was still playing good ole FS17. NO COMPARISON. FS17 still ticks 90%+ of all the boxes. Deleted all of cattle n crops an I'm stickin to the best Farm sim game made. N for any one that,s about to say it, NO I,m not brown nosin I,m stating a fact. Haven't seen anything bout 19 yet but can't wait.
2018-03-10 04:57:59 More of The Same (Guest)
^^ Should change his name to Turkey...........
2018-04-01 14:07:22 Farmer BoB (Guest)
Hi there ugys, I did a nice review on this tractor, check it out at: Take care :)

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