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John Deere 7R series 2014 v 1.0

Rating: 4/5, based on 12 votes
uploaded 2018-09-28 19:51:05, by John Der33

Hello guys, I present the new John Deere 7R-Series 2014. A model full of features, and compatible with the tools (frontloader and forest loader), which I have already released with the other series.
I hope you enjoy it. I remind you that they are complete models with all the accessories made original, the standard wheels in this version are only Michelin!
The basic characteristics of the real model:
John Deere 7R Series tractor 2014, 169 to 228 kW (230 to 310 hp) 97/68EC with Intelligent Power Management. Equipped with new PowerTech PSS engines, from 6.8 - 9.0 l.
Performed MP tests, clean log both MP and SP.
Nur der Traktor und der Mod sind enthalten, die zu verwendenden Tools sind die der 2011 Europe Version!
Only the tractor and the mod are included, the tools to be used are those of the 2011 Europe version!
E' incluso solo il trattore e la mod, i tools da usare sono quelli della versione Europa 2011!

Main features of the mod:
- Realistic dimensions and weight;
- Realistic sound;
- Fully animated;
- Total control with InteractiveControl, new generation, (also works outdoors and before getting on the tractor), new script by Martin Fabik.
- Real sound of the cooling fan, typical of this series; new script by Martin Fabik.
- 3D model and textur recreated and improved in details;
- Wide selection of tires with original sizes for the series;
- Rubber track, Zuidberg originals;
- Cabin, driving position and cam, dynamic;
- Adjustable internal cam;
- Rotatable and translatable seat with mouse;
- Functional internal monitor;
- External mirrors, adjustable in 3 directions with mouse;
- Complete set of rear ballast, with variable weight depending on the type; new script by Mogli.
- Original front ballast dedicated to mod;
- Ez-Ballast Ballast of 1700 Kg .;
- Frontloader H480 compatible only to the mod, with DynamicHoses support;
- Icar Bazzoli IB9800 forest loader attachment and protection cage;
- Third point attack, dynamic;
- Tool support with DynamicHoses;
- Basic gear set, dedicated to H480 frontloader with cat.2 coupling
- Integrated gearbox compatible with the gearbox, setting by Mogli;
- Automatic activation wipers;
- Real Map PDA, by Martin Fabik, need, included in the pack;
- Variable internal sound with opening doors, and sounds of the tailgate doors;
- standard model and Mr included.
- I recommend using the Gearbox and Mr mod, latest versions, along with the RealGPSMod mod!

Licenza Creative Commons
John Deere 7R series 2014 Version Ago-modding is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribuzione-Non commerciale-NoDerivatives 4.0 License internazionale .
Based on a work at .
Permissions beyond the scope of this license may be available at

Modell: Ago-ModdingTextur: Ago-ModdingScript: Ago-Modding, Mogli, Martin Fabik, Alex2009, Xentro,JoXXer,STv,Modding-fruktor,Manuel LeithnerIdee / Konzept: Ago-ModdingTester: Appaloosa, Da Flo, Martin Fabik, and support team.

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uploaded by John Der33
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Comments (3)

2018-09-29 19:15:17 ich (Guest)
Why f.... John Feere why not Claas. John Deere bad Traktor
2018-09-29 23:58:40 jamesrick (Guest)
Is there a way to turn off that drive control / gearbox add on ? I dont use it and keep having - warning ZZZLinktoGlobal script issue non stop in my log ?
2018-09-30 09:10:27 antal84
Az a probléma ha berakom a mod mappába akkor törli a mentéseimet bármelyik térképen játszom is miután kilépek és újra vissza a játékba.

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