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John Deere 8R

Rating: 4/5, based on 44 votes
uploaded 2016-11-16 03:40:33, by MArioSS

Basic Script
IC Panel
Washable Opening doors, windows
Hyrdaulic animation
Animated Joystick
Dust, tire tracks 
Twin wheels
Folding front arm

Keep only my download link!

Marthu, AgroSketch,MArioSS,Jukka


John Deere 8R, 1 photo

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uploaded by MArioSS
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Comments (12)

2016-11-16 13:54:52 fernialonso88
Because so many I like you if the mod does not work in fs17 ??
2016-11-16 14:44:59 jd_fan (Guest)
This doesn't work in fs 17. Looks like from the modDesc this is for fs 15, version is 21.
2016-11-16 17:00:08 gerdlorenz
was ist das der geh überhaupt nicht ist nirgends zufinden da frag ich mich wo die ganzen bewertungen herkommen
2016-11-17 05:21:34 this pack is not for '17 (Guest)
none of the mods in this pack has been even 1% converted. site admins, not to imply that i should tell ya'll your bidness, but i have a quick, rhetorical question: do these mods get checked before being allowed to be posted? discuss....
2016-11-18 13:18:59 Raimonds (Guest)
outside its own mods that can be passed in tribute ...
2016-11-23 20:03:31 Patoche37 (Guest)
Sorry but it's not for FS17 or converted it's not good...
2016-11-24 01:07:27 Admin
Mods are not tested by us. We leave that for the uploader. Sadly, some uploaders just upload very low quality mods and dont even convert the mod.
2016-11-25 22:32:20 thibaut (Guest)
2016-12-07 10:28:45 Swift (Guest)
Message for the Site Admin: Would it not be beneficial, that if a Mod is noted by so many as "not working", and the Site admin picks up on that, that such mods be removed and the person's account, who uploaded the mod, be placed under review? That would help to give this site some credibility. I have seen quite a few mods for FS-17 uploaded on this site already that just aren't working in FS 17 or are not really converted for FS 17. Examples: "Course Play" and "Mixing Station". Just go read those comments. Those mods do not belong here. While it is my understanding that "Course Play" for FS 17 does exist, the one found on this site is the FS 15 version! I do commend the Site Admins for an otherwise error free site! Great work and keep up the good work. This is one of the few Farm Sim Mod sites where one can download relatively 'safely' from!!! BIG THUMBS UP FOR THAT :-)
2016-12-07 11:16:47 Admin
Thanks for suggestions! We will continue to improve our site and we are looking to how to solve this problem. However, we cannot say for sure when we will update our sytem to deal with this issue, because of lack of time sometimes. Regards
2016-12-17 11:04:07 visch bv (Guest)
dikke s'john deere jonge
2017-01-24 03:09:32 Shaun (Guest)
They should upload a john deer and a auto flat bed stacker for xbox one i hate how you cant pick your own mods just whats put on :(

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