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John Deere 9560RX VE

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uploaded 2018-10-16 14:41:38, by Eagle355th

FS17 John Deere 9560RX VE
543 620 692 hp Speed 35
Washble No errors in log

Giants Software, Eagle355th, OXEN1966, Otis Little Bear Modding


John Deere 9560RX VE, 1 photo

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uploaded by Eagle355th
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Comments (3)

2018-10-17 18:55:53 leigh (Guest)
Smaller tools such as a cultivator/seeder, do not reach the ground when lowered.
2018-10-18 04:04:01 Eagle355th
Oh I thought I fixed that part I'll look at it closer
2018-11-09 21:05:29 ic78003
hi eagel i kan not work the jd in field hweit horsch tiger 26 plough and the degelman strawmaster cultivator and it is the 9560rx in the case it zig and sak it is simpel inporsibel and i have treid mahny thinks pleise fix it i love the traktor... and maby this is a hwees not importen maby the sound kan bee as the 9630 just thinking,, sorry for me bad English have never learn..regarts,,

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