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2019 Ram 3500 v 1.0

Rating: 3/5, based on 26 votes
uploaded 2019-11-10 12:48:30, by John Der33

I present my 2019 RAM 3500.
(yes it's 2019 not 2020)
Things to note*  
- Speedometer is in/favors kmph, I won't be changing this
- Has a canadian license plate, I won't be changing this
- Brakes are realistic. I won't be changing this
- Does not have interior lights, I will try to do this in a future update
- I'm a one-man team, and I have a life outside of modding so it may be a while until I update
- Model i received did not have correct interior, so it is misaligned in some spots
- I did the wipers early in the build, and I haven't touched them since, but i remember they were a little dickered so beware
Mod Features:  
- Flippable tow mirrors
- Working tailgate
- Automated steps
- Adjustable lift height
 - Movable sunroof
- Movable driver door
- Movable sun visor
- 3 Wheel options
- Color changeable bumper and grill
- Custom sounds by me
- Snow plow mount
Be considerate
Requests are ignored, learn how to edit yourself :)
Glaring issues will be addressed ASAP

Noah Rohner/ Swiggiti


2019 Ram 3500 v 1.0, 1 photo2019 Ram 3500 v 1.0, 2 photo2019 Ram 3500 v 1.0, 3 photo

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uploaded by John Der33
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Comments (4)

2019-11-12 02:36:47 bob (Guest)
i dont know how this has thumbs down.. this thing has everything haha. wheels, colors, tune, drive door opens, step bar pops out getting in and out of the truck, dash and center display comes on, tow mirrors pops out. only thing i see thats a little off is the 6 speed shifter in the center console sticking out.
2019-11-12 06:46:17 victor (Guest)
Bob I like this mod also. Like I said before in the world we live in now people are just plain asshole. I have seen mods on here get more thumbs down the it had downloads.
2019-11-29 19:09:29 Its John (Guest)
It's most likely because John Der33 or whatever variant of that name uploaded it. He takes mods from everywhere (even from here) and uploads them here with his link so when someone downloads,he gets the money and not the person who made the mod.
2019-12-12 01:56:20 Jake Paul Real (Guest)
i agree john

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