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FS 19 1970 Charger General Lee v 2.0

Rating: 1/5, based on 21 votes
uploaded 2020-02-28 13:27:22, by John Der33

I have taken the car and added General Lee stickers, a push bar, light bar, cb antenna, and of coarse the dixie horn. Thanks to Edward's Modding for allowing me to share this with everyone, hope you enjoy!

Bo850, Edward's Modding


FS 19 1970 Charger General Lee v 2.0, 1 photoFS 19 1970 Charger General Lee v 2.0, 2 photoFS 19 1970 Charger General Lee v 2.0, 3 photo

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uploaded by John Der33
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Comments (9)

2020-02-29 01:37:30 BigRichMods
Nope - Mod the General Lee Charger Correctly..or leave it alone. Nothing - goes on, near or about's...that Flag. doesn't matter if this is a game or not. Everything relative to the General Lee Charger is serious and not a game, show respect for which you may not know or understand. what about your flag? how about i **** on your flag right in front of your girl, i'm not shy at all. know facts about the Dodge Charger 1. the words DODGE CHARGER should make you **** your pants when ever them two words are mentioned. 2. believe all Rumors, Lies and Stories about the Dodge Charger 3. the fact you cant own a Dodge Charger or purchase one in Your life time speaks volumes of the Dodge Charger's Street and Track cred. 4. Deformation of its character by any means: could result in in a severe injury not excluding coma or death...i suggest for you and anyone else to use caution in LIFE alternating anything relative to the Dodge Charger or the General Lee Charger. because there is real blood, sweat and tears connected to them Dodge Chargers and that's like disturbing some loved ones remains and burial in a disrespectful you know.
2020-02-29 04:10:52 Havoc (Guest)
Dear BigRichMods: Take a laxative and shut the **** up. Nobody cares.
2020-02-29 10:18:12 Victor (Guest)
BigRichMods Has a point even if he went a little over board. If you make a famous well known mod. It should be true to the real car. Or just leave off the name. Call it a lizard next time
2020-03-01 01:40:12 BigRichMods
@ Havoc - yes and when i **** all over Mums or Dads Headstone - don't take personal..take a laxative and shut the f* ck up..its just p* ss. you noisy bar stools from the UK are welcome to fly over to the U.S and meet me at my door and dare to run that big mouth of yours to my face. NOBODY is listening to you or cares what you have to say sheep ****ing goat herder
2020-03-02 05:38:07 Bo850 (Guest)
Hi! The creator here! I'm sorry to hear that you are displeased with my edit BigRichMods. I'm also sorry to inform you that I'm out of F#*ks to give. You said nothing goes on or near that flag... so the words General Lee shouldn't be on that roof then. That would be violating the flags space. Another thing I'm from the south, my family fought in the civil war so I know the heritage! Another thing I'm a big fan of the Dukes of Hazzard so I know the history and heritage of that too! I gave a fresh touch to the car, the only reason I released it was because there is already a accurate Gen Lee out for download otherwise I would have been working on making an accurate one! Don't like it don't download it, and next time look into who you are about to dis on social media before you look like an immature dumba**, but I know that's hard for you.
2020-03-02 08:36:47 shutit (Guest)
Dear God, Shrimp **** mods, you are a nobody, just **** off back to the cave you crawled out of and get back to porking your sister.....
2020-03-02 09:47:58 BigRichMods
@ Bob - i am a very southerner myself, i also do know what that flag represents. relating to anything on or about's the flag is the LIGHT Bar. entitled to disagree with you HELLO - America is STILL the land of the FREE and the BRAVE. and the fact i got ****y about a stupid ass chrome blower sticking out of the hood IS MY OPINION ok **** face NOT MY FEELINGS...your feelings are that of a woman's Man UP you talk all man tough..but your feelings are a bit BI-POLAR. look into who im talking to? i dont bow down to no man, kiss no ones ass, or raise my hand for permission to speak..DICK -TATAR go bully your household around Redkneck ..nobody here at this address gives a **** about ya..your an Idiot Modder - whether i disagree or not about who think you are. You know what you can do Bo850 better than me..that i can't do? you can kiss my ass. you door screw go **** yourself.
2020-03-02 10:08:07 BigRichMods
and another thing - its you door screw Modders who can edit for sh*t..whom forced me into taking your mods, and making them BETTER. its idiots like @Shutit (guest) that forced privately put my edited mods out to my peeps and family..of which are doing way better now that ive taken them off these public sites. i can careless about 'feelings' your or hers.. i am in this industry because of a LONG over due NEED. all you modders who have gotten paid for mods that DON'T Work are the reason i am even in this industry of mods and editing of mods..LMAO keep releasing your sh*t mods, i'll download them, and edit them...then re-upload them.. its what I DO..and you my friend CAN"T STOP THAT..Ha Ha. what's the first rule of Modding? DON'T RELEASE NO MOD PUBLICLY THAT YOU WOULDN'T WANT MY HANDS TO GET A HOLD OF.. its a FREE FOR ALL SON. blame GIANTS and your lack of skill to edit..or i wouldn't even be here. HELLO.
2020-03-02 22:41:47 Bo850 (Guest)
BigRichMods I'm just messing with you lol! I saw the long a** comment and could not resist. I agree, everyone has their opinion and I don't mind your feelings toward the car. I've been building Gen Lee v2s across multiple games and I've heard comments like yours a thousand times. You are just really easy to p*** off. Also I started modding for the opposite reason you did. I did it because of all the private mods, I'm not dissing the people who choose to keep them private, I understand some people spend money on the models and want to keep them private, but if I can try to do it for free then I release it for those who enjoy mods like these. It's been fun messing with you man, but I have more projects to work on. Thanks for commenting... also it's Bo not bob, have a nice day.

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